Captions For April Birthdays

These Captions For April Birthdays Will Put A Little Spring In Your Selfies

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You probably have extra spring in your step right now, and not because of the impending warm weather. Although you love the thought of more sunshine and flowers, your birthday is right around the corner, and that means balloons, confetti, and selfies galore. Along with a ring light and a festive photo shoot backdrop, you'll need captions for April birthdays to make your post feel extra special.

Simply put, you want your birthday post to stand out among the other pics on your feed — including the snap you may have shared on your best friend's birthday. Between one of these captions for April birthdays, props like a colorful lollipop or blooming bouquet, and even a new outfit that's never been seen on Instagram, you want your followers to know you're making another lap around the sun. That way, with a double-tap of your picture, they can send good vibes for the next 365 days your way.

Other than gathering up these captions, you should consider the composition of your birthday post. To start, you'll want to ask yourself, "What makes my April birthday special?" Is it the fruits and flowers that are now in season, or the sunny adventures you'd take in the city when you were younger? Is it the light jackets you can wear, or the rainy days that are made for watching movies? Whatever it may be, be sure to add it to your Instagram post. Hold flowers, sport a light jacket, or channel a scene from a movie you love. It'll make your birthday post more special, as will these IG captions for April birthdays.

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1. "Leave it to my April birthday to put a little spring in my step."

2. "Celebrating myself all April long."

3. "Even my plants are rooting for me on my birthday."

4. "My only birthday wish is that you stop and smell the roses."

5. "Every birthday, I bloom a little more."

6. "Florals? For an April birthday 'fit? Groundbreaking."

7. "Balloons, candles, and April birthday magic."

8. "The greatest birthday gift is warm weather."

9. "Wishing for summer, even though I love my spring birthday."

10. "All about making a big deal out of my April birthday."

11. "Rain, rain, go away. It's this person's birthday."

12. "April birthdays are the best birthdays."

13. "Did you forget my birthday is in April? Big yikes!"

14. "The birthday 'fit is fire, if I do say so myself."

15. "No April birthday is complete without a little rain."

16. "Don't rain on my birthday, April."

17. "Just flexing my April birthday muscles. How about you?"

18. "Pretending this April rain is confetti on my birthday."

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19. "POV: You're hanging with me on my birthday."

20. "It was the best April birthday ever."

21. "Not your average day in April."

22. "I'm so excited for my birthday, I might wet my plants."

23. "Bye, winter. Hello, my birthday."

24. "It's all fun and birthday games in April."

25. "Coffee, plants, and a virtual birthday party."

26. "When it's April, and almost your birthday..."

27. "Please enjoy this photo of an Aries celebrating their April birthday."

28. "Celebrating my birthday like a true Taurus."