A woman and her French bulldog stand under twinkly lights at an outdoor holiday market.

27 Captions For Holiday Pics With Your Dog & Dachshund Through The Snow

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When you start to hang twinkly lights in your apartment and snuggle up on the couch with your pup on the weekends, you know it's time for the holidays. Soon enough, you'll be posting selfies with your pug, golden retriever, or French bulldog, and searching the web for captions for holiday pics with your dog and dachshund through the snow.

Some of those pics may be in front of the Christmas tree you have set up in the corner of your room, and others may be from a holiday market or festive brunch date in the city. Your dog may be dressed up like a reindeer, or in an adorable jacket that keeps them warm in the winter. They may be running through piles of snow with other pups in the dog park, or sniffing the decorations outside your cozy building.

Either way, your BFF will look so doggone adorable, and attract the heart eyes wherever you two go. The friends on your block might compliment how festive you two look together while you're walking to get coffee, and ask your dog if they've been a good boy this year. And your followers on social media may leave you sweet comments like, "Being this cute must be so ruff!" You may excitedly nod your head in agreement, while daydreaming about the pics you can get on your street or under the snowy trees with your pup. Use these captions for when you post them on the 'Gram, OK?


1. "I love my dog snow much."

2. "Jingling and barking all the way."

3. "All I want for Christmas is more snuggles."

4. "Home for the holidays with my puppy."

5. "Snow place like home with my bed and you."

6. "Just here for the holiday food."

7. "But first, let's snuggle and watch holiday movies."

8. "Being this cute must be so freakin' ruff."

9. "Heart eyes and holiday things for days."

10. "Don't go barking up the wrong holiday tree."

11. "Walking in a puppy wonderland."

12. "You're always so merry and bright."

13. "Oh what fun it is to play with my pup."

14. "We go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows."

15. "I run on puppy cuddles and holiday cheer."


16. "'Tis always the season to take cute pics with your pup."

17. "Dachshund through the snow."

18. "I don't give a pug about anything but the holidays."

19. "I'm paw-sitive you're the cutest one here."

20. "There are more presents for you than me. Sleigh, what?"

21. "Have you been a good boy this year?"

22. "Even the reindeer aren't this barkin' cute."

23. "You better believe this is my happy place."

24. "It's all fun and games until the ball goes into the tree."

25. "Winter days and wet noses."

26. "Season's greetings from me and my dog."

27. "Deck the paws."

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