37 Reindeer Puns For Instagram For When You Want To Make It Rein

I don't know about you, but I don't think the reindeers get enough credit this time of year. Sure, Rudolph has his own song and movie, but the rest of the reindeer need their praise too for basically bringing us Christmas joy every year. I mean, where would Santa be without his reindeer? I'll tell you — he'd be stuck at the North Pole, unable to move his own sleigh. That's why we should be so grateful for the reindeers this year, and you can totally show off your appreciation with reindeer puns for Instagram captions when you want to post that cute holiday pic of you this season.

This is totally the season for making memories, which means you'll be snapping all those pics that you want to share immediately with your friends. You'll need some fun Instagram captions for all those photos of your family, your friends, and your bae as you guys play out in the winter wonderland, drinking hot cocoa. Coming up with a great caption can be hard, but puns are always a safe bet, because who doesn't love a good pun? When you're totally blanking on what to say, you can just grab a funny pun to make your friends laugh. You don't even have to come up with them on your own, because we have assembled these 37 reindeer and sleigh puns just for you to use.

Now you can get back to your reindeer games without hesitation, and post that holiday pic right away. We're totally grateful for the reindeers bringing us holiday magic. Now you can make it rein this Christmas. So, have a happy holidays, my deer, because you'll go down in history for totally sleighing the Instagram game.

1. "Reinbeer." — Unknown

2. "I love you deerly." — Unknown

3. "You are so deer to me." — Unknown

4. "Our deer family." — Unknown

5. "So, whaddya say we head back to my place for some reindeer games?" — Unknown


6. "Brew Dolph." — Unknown

7. "Let's get Blitzened." — Unknown

8. "You are deerly loved." — Unknown

9. "How rude-olph." — Unknown

10. "Pole Dancer." — Unknown


11. "How do you get into Donner's house? Ring the deer bell!" — Unknown

12. "Make it rein." — Unknown

13. "Oh deer, Christmas is here." — Unknown

14. "Merry Buckin' Christmas." — Unknown

15. "You're a deer friend." — Unknown


16. "Frankly, my deer, I don't give a damn." — Unknown

17. "I know when those sleigh bells ring, that can only mean one thing." — Unknown

18. "Sleigh my name, sleigh my name." — Unknown

19. "Someone call Santa Claus, I'm about to sleigh this workout." — Unknown

20. "Sleigh all day." — Unknown


21. "I sleigh." — Unknown

22. "Totally sleighed it!" — Unknown

23. "Sleigh hair, don't care." — Unknown

24. "All the jingle ladies." — Unknown

25. "Fab-yule-lous." — Unknown


26. "Another day, another sleigh." — Unknown

27. "First things first I'm the realest." — "Fancy," Iggy Azalea

28. "Wake, pray, sleigh." — Unknown

29. "'Cause I sleigh." — Unknown


30. "Sleigh-in it." — Unknown

31. "We sleigh Christmas." — Unknown

32. "I'm quite fawn'd of you, my deer." — Unknown

33. "I don't give a buck." — Unknown


34. "Say it to my face bro. I deer you." — Unknown

35. "I'm so very fawned of you." — Unknown

36. "You'll never know deer, how much I love you." — Unknown

37. "No eye-deer." — Unknown