26 Witty Coachella Captions, Because You're Prepped For Festival Season

It seems like just yesterday when you were pulling out your packs of glitter and flower crowns. You were laying out crocheted tops and pairs of sunglasses on your bed, and asking your best friends over video chat what they liked the most. One of your friends thought the chunky bracelets and floral jumpsuit was picture-perfect, and the other preferred the sparkly pair of shorts and matching bralette. In your personal opinion, either would do for festival season. Now, it's basically that time of the year again when you need witty Coachella captions and trendy looks that'll make their way onto the 'Gram. Can I help you get prepped and ready to go?

The truth is, I've never flown across the country to the deserts of California, to soak up the good vibes and electric energy of Coachella for myself. Instead, I've vicariously lived through people (like you), who have purchased that golden ticket to the main stage and are running around with their bedazzled braids and beaming smiles. They're taking videos of artists who I've only heard on the radio, like Ariana Grande, Diplo, and Kid Kudi.

So far, it's been enough. But, stay tuned, because I might have to find some extra money in my bank account to be amongst the palm trees and get my own pictures and videos for the 'Gram. It's on my bucket list to pose with the iconic Ferris wheel, and watch the sun set over the festival grounds.

In that moment, I'll need these 26 witty captions for Coachella and the best filters and editing apps of the year, too. Until then, I'll pass them along to you, because you're already prepping for festival season.

Marija Savic/Stocksy

1. "Welcome to Coachella."

2. "When your festival look matches the sunset."

3. "I'm so happy that Coachella exists."

4. "Dancing past midnight, singing until dawn."

5. "Living life to the beat of my own drum."

6. "Craving the summer heat and beats."

7. "BRB. Asking the artists to play my favorite songs."

8. "There's no expiration date on these memories."

9. "Feelin' alive, thanks to all the good vibes."

10. "I'm convinced that some nights can last forever."

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

11. "Dear, Coachella. I love you like a summer night."

12. "Sunsets, palm trees, and more music, please."

13. "In a sunshine state of mind."

14. "Breathing dreams like air, and putting glitter in my hair."

15. "Stay wild, moon child."

16. "Get with the set list."

17. "Long live all the magic we made." — Taylor Swift, "Long Live"

18. "You can never have too much happy."

19. "Give me the beat boys." — Uncle Kracker, "Drift Away"

20. "You belong among the wildflowers." — Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, "Wildflowers"


21. "Someone told me there's a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair." — Led Zeppelin, "Going to California"

22. "Too much glitter, said no one ever."

23. "Music festivals make me believe in magic."

24. "Has anyone seen my flower crown?"

25. "Sunny rays and festival days."

26. "Today, I'm excited about everything."

Did you find at least one caption that fits your vibe for festival season? Sweet! You just need to finalize those outfits, now, and finish packing your bags with all the essentials. A reusable water bottle is smart to bring, considering you'll be spending multiple days in the desert — as well as a fanny pack with travel-sized sunscreen and an extra pack of Polaroid frames.

I truly can't wait to see those pictures on the 'Gram, and give them a double-tap. Your followers will be so jealous seeing you throw your peace signs up near the main stage or meet your favorite influencers in real life. Personally, I know that those posts will be out-of-this-world, considering you already have all your #inspo and ideas for content prepped, too. Festival season, here you come!