The Weeknd sings on stage in front of a glowing red backdrop.

These Super Bowl 2021 Halftime Show Captions Cheer For The Weeknd On IG

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A top highlight of celebrating this year’s Super Bowl Sunday at home will be jamming out with The Weeknd during the Pepsi Halftime Show. As a major fan, you probably listen to The Weeknd's albums on the regular and know every lyric from After Hours, My Dear Melancholy, and Starboy. So, you’re more than ready to show The Weeknd some love on Insta with a creative picture and any of these Super Bowl 2021 Halftime Show Instagram captions.

Since posting fresh content will be a game day priority, get started by scrolling through Pinterest for ideas. You can also check out these Super Bowl 2021 Halftime Show Instagram captions for picture inspiration. For example, consider snapping a selfie while blowing a kiss to The Weeknd on your TV screen, and caption your pic with, "He's a starboy, and I'm starstruck." Or, show off a concert tee you bought years ago, and post a snap with, "Wearing my The Weeknd tee with lots of team pride." You’ll definitely score major points with your followers when posting such wit on your feed.

Get creative as you always do while snapping away, and be sure to use one of these 26 Super Bowl 2021 Halftime Show captions for your post. Every picture and caption will show everyone you're having the best Super Bowl Weeknd ever.

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1. "I'm only here for the halftime show."

2. "The vibes of this halftime show performance are immaculate."

3. "I'm blinded by the lights." — The Weeknd, "Blinding Lights"

4. "And I'm back to my ways 'cause I'm heartless." — The Weeknd, "Heartless"

5. "Ready to guac and roll to The Weeknd."

6. "Game face on, because The Weeknd's here."

7. "Just pretending I'm dancing along in Tampa."

8. "The huddle on the couch is real when it's time for the halftime show."

9. "I started watching just in the kick of time."

10. "You're looking at The Weeknd's biggest fan."

11. "I can't stay calm, The Weeknd is on."

12. "He's a starboy, and I'm starstruck."

13. "Starting a petition to have The Weeknd perform at every football game."

14. "Can't text right now. I'm watching The Weeknd."

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15. "Wearing my The Weeknd tee with lots of team pride."

16. "The Weeknd's nacho average performer."

17. "If you see me tearing up at The Weeknd's performance, mind your business."

18. "So, the rest of the football game is over, right? We can just watch The Weeknd?"

19. "Be quiet. The Weeknd is performing."

20. "Catch me on that stage one day."

21. "I'm in for The Weeknd."

22. "This counts as going to a The Weeknd concert."

23. "These are the performances I watch football for."

24. "Can you tell that I'm excited for this halftime show?"

25. "Rewinding my TV so I can watch that performance again."

26. "Still thinking about The Weeknd's performance..."