26 Instagram Captions For Las Vegas & Posing In Front Of Those Neon Lights With Your BFFs

You're lucky for a lot of reasons. Sure, you might not find a five dollar bill laying on the ground on the reg, or always pick the right lottery numbers. But, you may travel often and have arguably the best friends in the entire world. So, you don't complain much when you don't win a social media giveaway, either. Instead, you text your group chats and say, "Oh, well. Maybe next time," and start suggesting plans for dreamy trips. The latest destination on your mind is in Nevada, and requires that you have some Instagram captions for Las Vegas prepped and ready to go.

Let's talk more about your people, though, shall we? They're truly so supportive, loving, and downright hilarious. You can always count on them to make you laugh in any given situation, or be down to go on your wildest adventures. In the past, they've agreed to summer road trips and weekends dedicated to filling your camera roll with incredible pictures. They've willingly taken your lens out of your hands, and said, "Alright, strike a pose," and captured shots from all different angles. (Honestly, you wonder on the daily what you would do without them.)

Now, they're packing their suitcases, because you want to roll your travel dice one more time. You want to check out the land of neon signs, casinos, and palm trees. You want to dance in nightclubs until well-past midnight, and stay in a hotel room that has room service, the comfiest mattress, and the coziest robes.

Be sure to pick out at least a few of these Instagram captions before you hit the road, OK? You'll want all of your followers to know that you're feelin' lucky to be in Las Vegas and living your #bestlife.

Gavin Hellier/Stocksy

1. "Feelin' lucky in Las Vegas."

2. "I'm in the mood to spend a weekend in Vegas."

3. "What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas."

4. "Everyone needs a little Las Vegas in their life."

5. "All we have is now and a little bit of Las Vegas."

6. "This is the neon sign I've been looking for."

7. "Follow the call of the disco ball."

8. "Living and dreaming in neon colors."

9. "Casinos and vintage cars up ahead."

10. "I came, I saw, I fell in love with Las Vegas."

Thais Ramos Varela/Stocksy

11. "Paradise is anywhere with pink skies and palm trees."

12. "Let's make these kind of nights last forever."

13. "Life is good when you're in Las Vegas."

14. "Cue the confetti and casino lights."

15. "I'll be ready in a prosecco."

16. "Life's a party, dress like it." — Audrey Hepburn

17. "Time to break out the party pants."

18. "It's beginning to look a lot like cocktails."

19. "Talk to the palm trees, please."

20. "No bad days found here."


21. "Las Vegas stole a pizza my heart."

22. "Sunsets, endless shopping, and my soulmates."

23. "It was all a dream."

24. "Good vibes only."

25. "You glow, girl."

26. "See you soon, Las Vegas."

Full disclosure: I've never been to Las Vegas. But, I like to think that I know a good deal about it, thanks to the movies and the travel stories I've heard from my best friends who have been. Do me a favor and take a picture of everything, from the gourmet food you eat to the dice that you rolled on the first night. You'll want to have it all documented, so that you always remember how lucky you are — in Las Vegas, and in life.