26 Captions For St. Patrick's Day Selfies That'll Make You Shine Like A Pot Of Gold

Right now, you may be sitting at your desk at work or school, waiting for luck to strike. You're eyeing the clock, hoping that your professor lets you out of your lecture a little early. You're drawing clovers on your notepad in the middle of an office-wide meeting, praying that all your projects are done. You're also putting important search phrases into your browser like, "Where is the closest place that I can get a Shamrock Shake?," with your fingers crossed that it's not too far. Truth is, you're more than ready for the weekend and to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. You want to gather up captions for St. Patrick's Day selfies that'll make you shine like a pot of gold, and get going on the festivities.

I don't have any big plans for the luckiest day of the year, but I'm still ready to shamrock and roll. I'm ready to put on my favorite green sweatshirt, pour myself a glass of Guinness, and toast to the good vibes and great times. (If you're 21 or over, do you want to join me at the pub? The more the merrier!)

Together, you, your friends, and I could order the best potato and cabbage dishes on the menu. We could have a photo shoot in our St. Patrick's Day outfits, holding up props like rainbows, leprechaun hats, and lots of clovers. Then, we could edit those pictures with the best editing apps of the year to really make the colors pop.

If you have other plans, though, that's OK! Even if you're just going to cuddle up on your couch and take a few selfies with your pup, it'll be a picture-perfect day. You'll show the world that you're feelin' festive, and watch movies like Luck of the Irish while eating a bowl of Lucky Charms. That sounds lovely to me. Just promise you'll top off your post with one of these 26 captions, OK?

Javier Díez/Stocksy

1. "Selfies, then shenanigans."

2. "Be-leaf in your selfie and clovers."

3. "The cutest clover in the patch."

4. "My smile shines like a pot of gold."

5. "I'm a lucky lady."

6. "Shake your shamrocks."

7. "The paddy doesn't start until I walk in."

8. "I struck gold when I discovered portrait mode."

9. "No pinching, please!"

10. "Only good vibes and pots of gold."

Isaiah & Taylor Photography/Stocksy

11. "Take a pitcher. It'll last longer."

12. "Irish you were here."

13. "Wear green or leaf."

14. "Rainbow is my favorite color."

15. "Magically yours."

16. "Irish I was a mermaid."

17. "Not lucky, just blessed."

18. "Zero lucks given on St. Patrick's Day."

19. "The leprechauns made me do it!"

20. "When in doubt, shamrock it out."


21. "I swear I'm gonna put you in a song that I write about a Galway girl and a perfect night." —Ed Sheeran, "Galway Girl"

22. "I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend." — Jason Mraz, "Lucky"

23. "And they'll tell you now, you’re the lucky one." — Taylor Swift, "The Lucky One"

24. "She's so lucky, she's a star." — Britney Spears, "Lucky"

25. "I don't ever want St. Patrick's Day to be clover."

26. "Lucky me."

The weekend and your favorite holidays are meant to be documented. They're meant to fill your camera roll with beautiful selfies and sweet snaps that you can post on social media. Honestly, can St. Patrick's Day never be clover? Let me know.