26 Captions For Your Beach Thirst Traps & Lovin' Summer With Your Whole Heart

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If you're a beach lover, every time you hit the surf and sand, you swear your heart grows five times bigger. Something about the waves crashing into the sand, and the sky slowly turning from bright blue to vibrant shades of pink and purple speaks to your soul. You find yourself wishing that you could stay in the sunshine, play volleyball, and splash in the waves, well, forever. But you often decide that filling up your camera roll with a ton of pictures laying on a colorful blanket or posing in your brand new monokini will do. Eventually, those pictures may end up on social media with some of the best captions for beach thirst trap pics — because you're feelin' yourself and those radiant summer vibes.

Here's how it usually goes: You're driving down the highway with the windows wide open and the radio blasting your favorite songs. As you get closer to the ocean, you start to smell the salt water that's been picked up by the breeze and feel it rush through your hair. In the trunk of your car is a cooler with a bunch of delicious snacks, like veggies cut into sticks and fruit that's so fresh and sweet. In the backseat are some of your besties who responded to your, "Who's down for a beach day?" text almost immediately. (What would you do without them, huh?)

Soon enough, you pull into a parking spot and start walking to the sand. When you get your first peak of the umbrellas and chairs set up, you squeal a little bit with excitement. One of your besties points out several spots that would be #fire for a photo shoot. You nod in agreement, already knowing that you'll be in front of the lens and capturing amazing selfies and thirst traps.

I mean, did you even really go to the beach without taking a few of those kind of pictures? Did you even buy a new swimsuit for the summer, without posing in it and later posting it on Instagram? I think the answers to these questions are pretty clear, so I've gathered up some captions for those pics you'll definitely need and love. Let me know if you need me to hop into your comments section and hype you up, too, OK?


1. "Lovin' summer and myself with my whole heart."

2. "Shake your palm palms."

3. "Breezy and beachy."

4. "Crushin' pretty hard on the salt water and waves."

5. "Yes, I'm a mermaid. Thanks for asking."

6. "Paradise is anywhere the lighting is good."

7. "It's a tanning and tides kind of day."

8. "The ocean is salty, but I'm pretty sweet."

9. "There is no limit to how radiant, alive, and irresistible you can be."

10. "Girls just wanna take selfies in the sun."

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11. "TBH, my selfies are sweeter than lemonade."

12. "All tangled up in the sun and salt air."

13. "Serving beachy looks and pink skies."

14. "I always bring my slay game to the beach."

15. "Please do not disturb my resting beach face."

16. "Be like lemonade, and slay the summer with sweetness."

17. "Good selfies happen near the sea."

18. "Making some waves on social media."

19. "Dear, ocean. I think about you all the time."

20. "Life is better at the beach."

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21. "Such a beach babe."

22. "Salty hair, don't care."

23. "Another day soaking up this paradise."

24. "Ocean lover since birth."

25. "Stay in your beach magic, babe."

26. "Lime yours."

Your besties do a pretty good job of hyping up your pictures on social media. They'll comment with your favorite emojis, like the group of sparkles or the two raised hands. They'll say something like, "Slay," or "That's my BFF!" Truth is, you don't just survive in the summer — you thrive. So hit that "share" button ASAP, please.

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