The Weeknd performs to a small crowd of people while his stage is lit up blue and pink.

25 The Weeknd Lyrics That Will Get So Much Hype On Your Insta Feed

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You don't just listen to The Weeknd on Saturdays and Sundays. You have his albums playing on repeat every day of the week, because his music never fails to hype you up. Each morning, you might get ready while streaming "The Hills," and after 5 p.m., you may make dinner while dancing to "After Hours." Bring that good energy onto the ‘gram by posting a pic of yourself jamming out to a favorite track and pairing it with one of these 25 The Weeknd lyrics for Instagram captions.

If your picture has a confident, sultry, or romantic vibe, The Weeknd has an amazing variety of lyrics to choose from. In fact, as a major fan of the singer’s music, you probably dig into his lyrics so regularly that you have them memorized. It makes perfect sense that you’d want to snap a selfie while applying some lipstick, and pair it with The Weeknd’s lyric, "You look even better than the photos.” Or, take a sweet pic of your SO cooking your fave meal, and caption it, "You make it look like it's magic." So, grab your phone and get ready to make your own magic with your next Insta post.

It will be easy to get inspired by these 25 The Weeknd lyrics for Instagram captions. Once you do, you can take a great picture, post, and hype up your feed.

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1. "She's capable of anything, it's riveting." — "In The Night"

2. "You're in love with something bigger than love." — "Wanderlust"

3. "Maybe you can show me how to love." — "Blinding Lights"

4. "Photoshoots, I'm a star now." — "Heartless"

5. "You're the one I trust." — "Blinding Lights"

6. "You're only looking for attention." — "Attention"

7. "Hit the grocery shop lookin' lavish." — "Starboy"

8. "I saw you dancing in a crowded room." — "Save Your Tears"

9. "And I know that you're worth it." — "Die For You"

10. "You make it look like it's magic." — "Earned It"

11. "I can see the sun light up the sky." — "Blinding Lights"

12. "I'll admit, baby, I'm a little camera shy." — "Kiss Land"

13. "Don't you miss me, babe?" — "Try Me"

14. "I hate when the moment's expected." — "Earned It"

15. "You can notify me." — "Try Me"

16. "I'd much rather hear the truth come straight from you." — "True Colors"

17. "You're my favorite kind of night." — "Earned It"

18. "Come show me your true colors." — "True Colors"

19. "All she had was the city." — "In The Night"

20. "'Cause my heart belongs to you." — "After Hours"

21. "We live with no lies." — "Earned It"

22. "You always seem to bring the light." — "Angel"

23. "I hear the secrets that you keep when you're talkin' in your sleep." — "Secrets"

24. "These are the questions of a new lover." — "True Colors"

25. "You look even better than the photos." — "The Hills"