25 IG Captions For A Halloween Engagement To Your Forever Boo

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Getting engaged any day of the year is a romantic and amazing thing, but there's just something extra-unique about saying yes to a forever with someone on Halloween. That could be because you're already in a festive and celebratory mood, or perhaps it's all the sugar coursing through your veins. Or maybe it's that the two of you are totally Instagram ready that makes the timing seem so perfect. Whatever the reason, when you or the special ghoul in your life drops to one knee, the only real question is what's the perfect Instagram caption for your Halloween engagement pics. After all, it has to be something that properly expresses the magic of the moment and lets people know that you'll be celebrating something else very soon.

Honestly, the best approach might just be to have fun with it — and, of course, get a little spooky too. After all, it's Halloween! So, after you take your perfect newly engaged couple pic, here's some inspiration for the caption to go along with it that lets the world know you're #couplesghouls now 'til death do you part.

1. Looks like we're boo-ed up forever now.

2. I guess you could say I had a pretty spooktacular night.

3. "For it is plain as anyone once can see, we’re simply meant to be." — The Nightmare Before Christmas

4. Ready to say “I boo!”

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5. Well, howl about them apples?

6. ’Til death do us part.

7. This isn’t a trick, but it’s definitely a treat.

8. This Halloween is officially too gourd to be true!

9. Bow down witches... I’m getting married!

10. I can’t wait for a lifetime of couples costumes with you.

11. This treat was sweeter than any candy.

12. No this isn’t a costume, I’m really engaged!

13. Officially the Gomez to my Morticia.

14. Officially the Jack to my Sally.

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15. I’ve been under your spell since day one.

16. “Mine first, mine last, mine even in the grave!”― Louisa May Alcott

17. My pumpkin for life.

18. Looks like my next Halloween costume is going to be Bridezilla.

19. Oh my gourd! They said yes!

20. My hand just got a little more spooky... Oops, I mean sparkly.

21. “I would die for her. I would kill for her. Either way, what bliss.” —Gomez Addams

22. I'm so happy right now it’s scary.

23. #EngagementGhouls

24. “It’s showtime!” – Beetlejuice

25. And we lived spookily ever after.

Now that you've made the big announcement, next up is setting the date. Will it be a Halloween wedding too? Now that could be absolutely spooktacular.