20 Photos Of Halloween Weddings That Are So Boo-tiful, You’ll Want To Copy Them ASAP

Would you rather watch a documentary on serial killers than a rom-com? Is the idea of wearing a white dress on your wedding day more terrifying to you than a killer clown? Do you love all things spooky and cinematic? Then you might just be a Halloween bride. (Or a Scorpio. It's hard to say.) A Halloween-themed wedding may seem (candy) corny to you, but a Halloween reception done right can actually be both beautiful and bone-chilling. I've rounded up some stunning photos of Halloween weddings, and I can assure you that Halloween-themed weddings are not for basic witches.

You don't need an Oct. 31 wedding date to have a creepy reception. Rather than a kitschy costume party, you can embrace all things macabre with historically haunted reception hall, moody lighting, flickering candles, and a dark color scheme. Whether your style is gothic, punk rock, or full-on zombie, you and your partner can have the doom-and-gloom wedding of your dreams without any toil and trouble required. As wonderful as some wedding traditions are, alternative weddings give you a chance to really showcase your personality, and there's no better way to say "'til death do us part" than with a Hallowedding like one of these.

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Relationships — 20 Photos Of Halloween Weddings That Are So Boo-tiful, You’ll Want To Copy Them ASAP

Get Gothic

Hannah of Finn & the Fox Photography captured this gorgeously gothic elopement in Dorset, England, which utilized dark, subdued colors and plenty of moodiness.

finnandthefoxphotography on Instagram

Raise The Dead

Natalia at Natalia Chantae Photo designed and photographed this fun Halloween-themed celebration in Utah, which was perfection down to the last detail (including the couple's incredible skull face paint).

nataliachantaephoto on Instagram

Chill Your Guests To The Bone

Forget bare-bones weddings. This skull floral arrangement — which was designed by Julie of A Curious Arrangement and photographed by Martyna and David of Wonderful and Strange Photography — completed the look of this gothic Glasgow wedding.

acuriousarrangement on Instagram

Go Up In Smoke

Las Vegas-based photographer Betty of Bella Leigh Photography gave this desert wedding shoot a totally witchy vibe with the help of some smoke effects.

bellaleighphotography on Instagram

Embrace All Things Orange

You don't have to go full goth to be a Halloween bride. This gorgeous autumnal bouquet — designed by Apotheca Flowers and photographed by Lindsay of New Hampshire-based Lindsay Hackney Photography — is a subtle way to celebrate.

lindsay_hackney on Instagram

Change Up Tradition

These Malibu brides — who were photographed by Trista of Trista Maja Photography — proved that you can have a white wedding and still make it totally, beautifully your own.

tristamajaphotography on Instagram

Go For Green Hair And Don't Care

This rock-and-roll bride donned a simple black dress for her Arizona desert elopement, and her cool witchy look (which was complete with a black choker, dark lip, and stunning orange bouquet) was captured by Parker of Parker Micheaels Photography.

parkermicheaelsphotography on Instagram

Treat The Day With Grave Importance

Something tells me that Edgar Allen Poe would appreciate this dark graveyard wedding, which was captured by photographers and videographers Justin and Caile of Aurora Adeleigh.

auroraadeleigh on Instagram

Give Your Guests No Tricks And All Treats

Isabel of Isabel Alvarez Photography captured this total treat of a celebration, which embraced all things black, orange, and fabulously sequined.

isabelalvarezphotography on Instagram

Feel Like A Zombie

Ashly of Ashly Arts photographed this incredible zombie wedding in Arizona, and I wouldn't even mind staining my wedding dress if it meant I could look this cool.

ashlyarts on Instagram

Keep Everyone On Their Toes

Forget having a second dress for your reception — this Baltimore-based bride had a whole new look for her reception, and Karen of Karen Rainier Photo captured her costume in all its glory.

karenrainierphoto on Instagram

Mix Matrimony With Macabre

This morbidly adorable casket ring box was the perfect touch for this Arizona wedding captured by Parker Micheaels Photography.

parkermicheaelsphotography on Instagram

Grab A Pumpkin

This couple made pumpkins the perfect accessory in this spook-tacular Nevada wedding photoshoot, which was captured by Bella Leigh Photography.

bellaleighphotography on Instagram

Set The Mood

With flickering candles, dark details, and a gorgeous orange dress, this Seattle wedding — which was designed by Amber of Rock & Stone Weddings and photographed by Kendra K Photo — looks as cozy and warm as a pumpkin spice latte.

rockandstoneweddings on Instagram

Let Those Flowers Wilt

Julie of A Curious Arrangement traded in lush, vibrants florals for fallen alder branches and dried Limonium to create this centerpiece in all its skeletal splendor.

acuriousarrangement on Instagram

Turn Things Upside Down

Stranger things have probably happened than this Stranger Things-themed Pennsylvania wedding (which was photographed by Karen Rainier Photo), but I doubt that cooler things have happened.

karenrainierphoto on Instagram

Go For Dark Details

The purple goblets and stemware and black plates used for this Malibu wedding (which was photographed by Trista Maja Photography) made for a dark and moody dining experience.

ristamajaphotography on Instagram

Bring The Drama

To really give your Halloween wedding a dramatic flair, go all out with costumes and lighting, like this couple did for their Phantom of the Opera-themed wedding, which was beautifully captured by Aurora Adeleigh.

auroraadeleigh on Instagram

Choose The Right Invites

Set the tone for your witchy wedding with some playfully grim invitations, like this sweet skeleton invite photographed by Karen Rainier Photo.

karenrainierphoto on Instagram

Celebrate Your Own Way

If you want a red lip, a lacy black dress, a feathered black altar, and a ceremony that no one forget, then go ahead and make your wedding entirely your own (and you might just look as good as this Los Angeles couple photographed by Trista Maja Photography).

tristamajaphotography on Instagram

If tradition is not your thing, go ahead and embrace your inner witchy woman. You'll give your guests a wedding that is sure to haunt them forever.