20 Photos Of Halloween Weddings That Are So Boo-tiful, You’ll Want To Copy Them ASAP

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Would you rather watch a documentary on serial killers than a rom-com? Is the idea of wearing a white dress on your wedding day more terrifying to you than a killer clown? Do you love all things spooky and cinematic? Then you might just be a Halloween bride. (Or a Scorpio. It's hard to say.) A Halloween-themed wedding may seem (candy) corny to you, but a Halloween reception done right can actually be both beautiful and bone-chilling. I've rounded up some stunning photos of Halloween weddings, and I can assure you that Halloween-themed weddings are not for basic witches.

You don't need an Oct. 31 wedding date to have a creepy reception. Rather than a kitschy costume party, you can embrace all things macabre with historically haunted reception hall, moody lighting, flickering candles, and a dark color scheme. Whether your style is gothic, punk rock, or full-on zombie, you and your partner can have the doom-and-gloom wedding of your dreams without any toil and trouble required. As wonderful as some wedding traditions are, alternative weddings give you a chance to really showcase your personality, and there's no better way to say "'til death do us part" than with a Hallowedding like one of these.

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