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25 IG Captions For Celebrating 2 Months With Your Boo That Aren't Too Extra

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but hitting the two-month mark with your boo doesn't mean you two are destined to be together forever. Then again, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra got engaged after only two months of dating, so I guess when you know, you know. But even if you and your SO aren't the next Nick and Priyanka, there's no reason not to celebrate your first 60 days as an item on IG. If you're in need of some Instagram captions for your two-month anniversary that won't make your followers roll their eyes, then you've come to the right place.

Whether you're looking for an IG caption that's sweet, sappy, or just a hint sarcastic, these anniversary captions ideas allow you to mark the day in a low-key way. Don't forget to send your cutie a happy anniversary text as well!

1. Celebrating two months as a twosome.

2. "Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe?" — me, two months ago

3. You should get an award for putting up with two months of my nonsense.

4. I've loved you two months now, honey, but I want 'em all.

5. Est. 2 months ago.

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6. Here's to two months of belly laughs and butterflies.

7. I didn't think it was possible to smile for two months straight. You proved me wrong.

8. Happily annoying the crap out of each other for two months and still going strong.

9. "Oh-oh-oh, two months never felt so long." — Charlie Puth

10. Here's hoping the honeymoon stage never ends. Happy two months, cutie!

11. Two months of you.

12. Cheers to 2 TWOrrific months together.

13. Two people, two months, and too many good times to count.

14. Shoutout to Hinge for making this match happen two months ago today.

15. Thanks for finally asking me out two months ago.

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16. Officially 1/6 of the way to an anniversary people will actually care about. #TwoMonths

17. Happy two months, babe. There's no one I'd rather fight with over where to get takeout.

18. 60 days of smiles, snuggles, and occasional struggles.

19. Just two imperfect people celebrating two perfect months together.

20. What's better than one month together? Two.

21. Two months together... but who's counting?

22. 60 days fly by when you're having fun.

23. Have I known you two months or 20 years?

24. Two months down, many more to go.

25. Hey, these past two months have been pretty fun. Wanna go for three?

Happy anniversary, and here's hoping you and your boo celebrate many more in the future.