15 1-Month Anniversary Texts That’ll Make Your Partner Smile

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One of the most fun things about a new relationship is all the firsts you have to look forward to: your first date, first kiss, first, ahem, slumber party — and, yes, your first whole month together. Some folks might think anniversaries are only for marking years together, and if that's how you feel, that's fine. After all, when and how you celebrate in your relationship is something the two of you get to decide. But whether you want to go big or keep it simple, having texts to send your partner on your one-month anniversary is one really sweet way to acknowledge the milestone and let your new love know how much the time you've already spent together means to you, and how excited you are for the future.

When it comes to anniversary texts, you can lay it on thick and get super mushy, or you can keep it light and flirty. Really, it's all about how you're feeling and what the dynamic is like in your relationship. Chances are you're still very much in the honeymoon phase at the one-month mark and there's nothing wrong with leaning into it if that's how you're feeling. If you're not sure what to say, then here's some inspiration to inspire your anniversary message.

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1. Although it's only been a month, I feel like you've been in my heart forever. Happy one-month anniversary!

2. Happy one-month anniversary, babe! It might sound like a small thing, but honestly every day with you feels like a cause for celebration.

3. One month down and a lifetime to go. Happy anniversary, babe!

4. It’s our one-month anniversary, how would you like to, ahem, celebrate later? Don't be afraid to get “creative.”

5. Sooo it's our one-month anniversary. I’m trying to act cool like it's not a big deal, but honestly, it's a big deal. I’m so glad you’re in my life.

6. Happy one-month anniversary, cutie! Here’s a reason I’m so smitten with you for every day we've spent together...

7. Not to be corny but, happy one-month anniversary babe!

8. Hey, we’ve been together for a whole month! Can you believe it? Happy one-month anniversary!

9. I’m so glad I swiped right on you. Happy one-month anniversary cutie!

10. Normally I wouldn't think this was a big deal, but something about you makes me want to celebrate. So happy one-month anniversary, babe!

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11. Whoa! Did you know that today's our one-month anniversary? Wow, time really flies when you're with someone you love.

12. Happy one-month anniversary! Here's to another month full of our special, kooky kind of love.

13. One month ago today we matched... and I’m so happy we did. Happy one-month anniversary.

14. Happy one-month anniversary! AKA, 31 days I've been grateful that you are mine and I am yours.

15. Happy one-month anniversary to my favorite person. Thank you for making every day better just by being you.

Whatever message you do end up sending to your new boo on your happy one-month anniversary, ultimately what really matters is that it comes from the heart.