25 Cute Captions For Your Secret Santa Gifts That Really #SleighedIt

December is a busy time. You're trying to finish out the year in style by cramming in as many holiday activities as you possibly can before Dec. 25. Your calendar may be booked up, but you made special room for your number one squad. You plan on hosting a cute friend dinner, or something cozy like a movie night to watch the holiday classics. No matter what the plans are, there will be a gift exchange at some point. When all gifts have been revealed, you'll need to get a group pic to post with Instagram captions for Secret Santa.

Between White Elephant and Secret Santa gift exchanges, I much prefer Secret Santa. A White Elephant can leave everyone with some pretty hilarious gag gifts and stories of presents getting stolen, but I love the thoughtfulness that comes with gifts that are picked out specifically for one person. There's also the fun element of surprise when you sneak around getting the perfect gift. And when all is revealed, you love watching your friend's face as they open their gift, and knowing you really crushed it.

This super fun Christmastime activity needs to be documented on your Instagram with tons of reveal pics and action shots of people opening their presents. When you're ready to post, you might not have time to come up with the best caption, so let me help you out by giving you these 25 Secret Santa captions to choose from.

1. "Who's your Secret Santa? You'll never find out! So you better not pry and you better not pout."

2. "I'm giggling and laughing and shouting with glee. I've left you another gift, but you still haven't seen me."

3. "Christmastime has come and it's time for some fun. I leave a gift and run, Secret Santa has begun."

4. "It's fun to be sneaky."

5. "I'm prancing and dancing all over the place, because I've left you a gift with 'neary a trace."

Milan Ilic Photographer/Shutterstock

6. "Deck the halls with boughs of holly, your Secret Santa sure is jolly."

7. "Keep calm. I'm your Secret Santa."

8. "Show me your best 'pretend you like it' face."

9. "'I hate presents,' said no one ever."

10. "Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting." — Thomas S. Monson

11. "It was either this or socks."

12. "Warning! The contents of this package may be awesome."

13. "All I want for Christmas is you." — Mariah Carey, "All I Want for Christmas Is You"

14. "When I count my blessings at Christmas, I think of friends like you."

15. "I came to sleigh this Secret Santa."

16. "Santa! Oh my god!" — Elf

17. "Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm your Secret Santa, and this gift is for you."

18. "Guess who."

19. "There are no secrets that time does not reveal." — Jean Racine

20. "One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others." — Lewis Carroll


21. "Christmas is not so much about opening presents, as opening our hearts."

22. "Just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist." — The Santa Clause

23. "Friends are the greatest gifts of all."

24. "There's snow way you'll find out who your Secret Santa is."

25. "Just because I cannot see it, doesn't mean I can't believe it." — The Nightmare Before Christmas