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25 'Gilmore Girls' Quotes For Throwback Spring Break Pictures On The Beach

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Just like Rory Gilmore in her Yale dorm room, you're dreaming of a beach getaway this spring break. While you may not be able to physically go to Florida like Rory and Paris, you can still post about past trips of yourself relaxing in the sand with some Gilmore Girls quotes for throwback spring break pictures. A trip down memory lane can be almost as relaxing as dipping your toes in the ocean. You just need to take the stress out of coming up with your own caption by using one from your fave TV show instead.

These 25 Gilmore Girls quotes are all pulled directly from Season 4's "Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin' the Twist" episode, where Rory and Paris head to the Sunshine State for their very first college spring break. From your yearly marathon-watch of the series, you know that these two besties party it up on the beach, by the pool, and at the club, so you'll have plenty of quotes to use for whatever throwback pic you want to post.

For example, use Paris' bougie line, "Keep the ice tea coming," for a snap of you lounging out in a cabana. There's also Rory's line, "We did the hanging out by the pool part," that will fit perfectly with a selfie of you on an inflatable with your fave sunnies on. Just think of these Gilmore Girls spring break quotes as the Luke to your Lorelai pictures — aka the best match ever.

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1. "It's nice to be able to go from the beach to the mosque without having to change." — Lorelai

2. "All I can think about is getting warm. That's all I can think about." — Rory

3. "You sound distracted. Did something cute just walk by?" — Lorelai

4. "Fresh air is good." — Paris

5. "Someone who wants you to have fun is someone who cares about you." — Rory

6. "My suit is fine." — Rory

7. "Keep the ice tea coming." — Paris

8. "We did the hanging out at the pool part pretty well." — Rory

9. "It's warm in Florida." — Paris

10. "Flirting seems to be a very big part of this spring break ritual." — Paris

11. "I feel like we have officially participated." — Rory

12. "I have to live vicariously through you." — Paris

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13. "It was interesting, you know. We sat on the beach, went to a club, watched 'The Power of Myth,' Paris and I kissed... " — Rory

14. "Exercise is a high. You should try it." — Janet

15. "I overslept again." — Lorelai

16. "Are you properly sunscreened?" — Paris

17. "We're not spring break people, are we?" — Rory

18. "We came here to do spring break, and we are going to do spring break." — Paris

19. "The thought of spending a week with a bunch of drunken college bimbos and rattle-headed frat boys is a great payoff for staying warm." — Paris

20. "Do you know what those things are called that they hit each other in the pool with?" — Rory

21. "Warm... " — Rory

22. "I'm up for new things." — Paris

23. "Did you say Florida?" — Rory

24. "Whoa, I'm loving the spinning beach." — Rory

25. "I had visions of you being swallowed by a whale, or taking off with some surfers to go chase the perfect wave and not inviting me." — Lorelai

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