25 Cute Comments To Leave On Your Sister's Instagram, Because She Always Slays

There is no one in your life who you love hyping up more than your sister. Not only is she your best friend, but she's your confidant and favorite person to take photos of. But when you're not there to take the pics for her, your thumbs are ready to leave some serious hype girl comments on whatever she posts. When you're searching for some inspiration for the absolute perfect note to leave on her photos, you can reference this list of cute comments to leave on your sister's Instagram.

Your sis always slays — whether she's smiling and looking adorable or serving chic OOTD pics — so you have to be prepared with a variety of comments you can leave on her pics. You want her to know that you support her IRL and on social media, whether you live on opposite sides of the globe or you post the comments while you're sitting next to her.

So, the next time your sister takes a fire selfie, a gorgeous travel pic, an adorable snap with her dog, or just posts a cute mirror #OOTD pic, here are some fun comments you can leave her so she knows that you're thinking of her.

1. "Ex-cuh-YOUSE me! [insert heart emojis]"

2. "Someone's slaying those Sunday scaries."

3. "You better work, sis!"

4. "I already knew good looks ran in our family — duh — but this pic just confirmed it."

5. "Can't get over how chic this OOTD is and how much I want to borrow it."

6. "I'd love to tease you, but I can't find anything wrong with this pic."

7. "Suga suga how you get so fly?" — Baby Bash and Frankie J, "Suga Suga"

Chelsea Victoria/Stocksy

8. "Just can't get over this pic."

9. "You just had to take all of the good looks genes, didn't you?"

10. "I mean, mad props to our parents for popping out two seriously good looking kids, am I right?"

11. "Could you BE any cuter?"

12. "Just take all the good looking genes in the family, why don't you."

13. "Excuse me while I take a hot second to get over the coolness of this photo."

14. "I still like saying that I'm the better looking sister, but this pic puts you as a very close second."

15. "Looking adorable, as always."

16. "Slay, sis!"

Guille Faingold/Stocksy

17. "Always and forever obsessed with you."

18. "You're just too cute for me to handle, for real."

19. "Can you teach me how to selfie like you?"

20. "I keep unliking this pic just so I can like it again."

21. "Is it annoying for me to blow up the comments section on this pic?"

22. "So you're going to teach me how to do my hair and makeup like this, right?"

23. "How did I get so lucky to have a sister this awesome?"

24. "Instagram game is SO on point."

25. "OK, I'm gonna need you to stop being so darn adorable."