Two women in dresses blow confetti in the air at a restaurant while celebrating a birthday.

25 Comments To Leave On Your Bestie's Birthday Pic That Are Extra Fab


It takes a lot to be a true best friend. First of all, you need to be totally honest with your bestie — even when they don't want to hear it, always down for the adventure, and most of all, your BFF’s number one cheerleader. That means on their birthday, you’re prepared with the best comments to leave on your friend’s birthday picture. Your BFF’s birthday is the glorious day they were brought into this world, and you want to celebrate that to the max.

Nowadays, it’s pretty necessary to post something on the ‘Gram on your birthday to let your friends know that you not only slayed another trip around the sun, but you're also another year more fabulous. As soon as your friend posts on Insta, you should be ready to comment with tons of hype. Of course, you could always go with the generic “Happy birthday” followed by a ton of heart emojis, but for someone so special, you want to comment something extra special.

Either post a comment that hypes up your BFF by complimenting them nonstop, or ops for something that’s silly and will make them smile. It just depends on what your relationship is like. Since you want to post ASAP, it'll help having this list of 25 comments on hand when the time comes. That way, you don’t have to waste time deciding what to say, and instead, you can get back to the birthday celebrations.


1. "Yasss birthday queen. [raise hands emoji]"

2. "BRB, gotta put my sunglasses on, because you’re a star and totally shining on your birthday."

3. "This birthday outfit is [fire emoji]."

4. "The world called and wanted to say thanks for gracing us with your presence."

5. "#WCB stands for woman crush birthday, because you're my crush on this fabulous birthday (and literally every day)."

6. "Excuse me... how has this selfie not broken the internet already? It’s the best! Happy birthday."

7. "Hello, Vogue — I think I found your next cover star."

8. "Today is the greatest day in the world, because my bestie was born."

9. "I wanted to write an essay on why you’re the greatest, but here’s a summary: You’re the best and I’m so excited it’s your birthday."

10. "Where are you rn, because I need to give you a huge birthday hug."

11. "I can’t wait to eat birthday cake with you later."

12. "How did I get so lucky to have a best friend like you?"


13. "BTW my birthday present to you will never be as good as you being my best friend."

14. "Sorry, everyone else — this BFF is taken."

15. "Even on your birthday, I get the best gift of all, because you’re my best friend."

16. "Excuse me... on your birthday, we’re supposed to give YOU gifts. This selfie is unfair."

17. "On your birthday I’m feeling #blessed to have you in my life."

18. "Thanks a million for being born today. It has truly made my life so much better."

19. "What is this birthday lewk and when can I borrow it?"

20. "May your birthday be filled with as many likes as I want to give this photo."

21. "This selfie must be a birthday candle, because it’s [fire emoji]."

22. "Happy birthday to my best-tea. Now, let’s get matcha lattes."

23. "If I could, I would like this pic a million more times."

24. "Can’t wait to party like it’s your birthday later… because it is."

25. "You don’t look a day over fabulous."