25 Captions For Lake Thirst Traps & Keeping It Reel On Social Media This Summer

This year, you're dedicating a lot of energy to "me time." Even though you do things regularly that make you feel like a million bucks inside and out, you want to continue to grow and glow. You want to have an epic relationship with your mind, body, and soul, and wake up every morning thinking, "I've totally got this." You do have this. I don't think hefty packing lists or negative energy stand a chance against you and your summer plans. Soon, you'll be kicking back near the lake, soaking up the sunshine, and wading any worries away. I'm just here to remind you to keep it reel in life and on social media and give you some captions for lake thirst traps.

Out of all your summer plans, your weekends spent at the lake with your best friends are undeniably your favorite. Those days typically go like this: On Friday afternoons, you all leave work a little bit early and pack up the car. You squeeze beach chairs and coolers filled with snacks into the trunk, and duffel bags with bathing suits, sandals, and cozy crewnecks inside near your individual seats. Then, you turn on your GPS and get on the highway.

The drive isn't too long, and you normally arrive right before the sun is about to set. Together, you watch the sky turn pink and start a bonfire right outside your quaint cottage. You sit around the embers, talking about your memories from high school and all of the inside jokes you've made since then. At some point, you might lose track of how many s'mores you've eaten, and say to your BFFs, "Hey, I think we need to run to the store for marshmallows tomorrow."

The next few days are spent chilling in the sun from the comfort of the dock, and swimming in the cool water. You have photo shoots in your lake looks, and eventually post a few of the pics in your camera roll on social media. Naturally, your best friends hype you up in the comments section, seconds after you hit that "share" button. They write, "Hello, 911? I'd like to report some #fire content," and "Holy moly! You're beautiful."

I couldn't agree more, and the pic basically speaks for itself. But be sure to use one of these 25 captions for lake thirst traps, too, OK?


1. "Take me to the lake, please."

2. "Lake hair, don't care."

3. "Looking a little well-done."

4. "Getting kissed by the sun."

5. "Worry less and post selfies more."

6. "Stress doesn't really go with my looks for the lake."

7. "Tangled up in sunshine, sand from the lake, and you."

8. "Mermaids were made for Instagram."

9. "Keeping it reel on social media and the lake."

10. "Just another day at the lake."


11. "Be like lemonade, and slay the summer with sweetness."

12. "Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's a weekend spent at the lake."

13. "Sorry if I didn't text you back yet. I'm on lake time."

14. "Totally hooked on these lake vibes."

15. "Make every photo shoot and day at the lake count."

16. "Everything is fine with me and some sunshine."

17. "The more you glow, the more others glow back."

18. "Too blessed to be stressed."

19. "When life gives you lemons, be Yoncé."

20. "I'm doing great, sweetie."

Michela Ravasio/Stocksy

21. "Sun-kissed."

22. "Feelin' pretty peachy right now."

23. "Life is better at the lake."

24. "Glowing with the flow of summer."

25. "Let's get nauti."

Did you find at least one caption that speaks to your soul? Sweet! Then you're prepared to keep it reel on social media and love yourself on the 'Gram. Of course, posting pics and getting likes isn't everything, so keep up your usual self-love routines, too. You deserve to feel like a million bucks inside and out, confident, and empowered — all 12 months of the year.