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These 25th Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Partner Are *So* Thoughful


While a literal quarter can't get you more than a gum ball or tiny windup-toy, turning a quarter of a century is totally priceless. And while you can't put a price on love, these 25th birthday gift ideas for your partner are like the colorful icing on top of a celebratory cake. No matter how long you've been seeing someone, celebrating their birthday together can be a special way to show you care about them.

And though you may be into private limo rides or wine tours through the coast of France (who isn't?), it's important to remember that you don't have to break the bank to go all out on your boo's big day. From making a video montage of all their friends and family singing "Happy Birthday" to leaving 25 little notes around their house, doing something meaningful on your partner's day isn't about the price tag. Of course, if you're thinking about doing something public (like throwing them a surprise party) it's important to check in with their comfort levels. While surprises can be sweet, no one wants to spend their day feeling overwhelmed and underdressed.

Here are 25 gift ideas for your boo's 25th trip around the sun.


1. Ask a group of their friends and family to write 25 short stories, poems, and/or letters to your friend. (Like Blake Lively did for Ryan Reynolds.) Get them printed and bound as a real book.

2. Make a list of 25 things they've always wanted to do in your city and plan a weekend to do them all.

3. Have their loved ones film short clips of them singing "Happy Birthday" and make a video montage out of all of them.

4. Frame a coaster or printed cocktail napkin from bar or restaurant that's special to you and your relationship.

5. Ask about their favorite birthday party as a child and try to recreate it as best as you can.

6. Get 25 of their favorite snack or candy and wrap them all individually.

7. Write 52 things that you love about them so they can read one every week for the next year.

8. Plan an impromptu trip to a place they've always wanted to go.

9. Find a first (or early) edition of their favorite book or record.

10. Name a star after them.

11. Get a paper map of their hometown or favorite city and mark different meaningful places on it.

12. Ask their favorite restaurant if you can take a tour of the kitchen and help make some of your food.

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13. Recreate a scene from their favorite movie or TV show. Try to find accurate costumes and props. Get your friends to help!

14. Decorate their room or apartment with streamers and balloons.

15. Let them pick the movie/TV show for 25 days after their birthday.

16. Surprise them with a picnic.

17. Send them 25 post cards or letters in the mail.

18. Go to their favorite sporting event and get their name on the Jumbotron.

19. Call in a song on the radio and tell the DJ to say happy birthday to your partner. Then listen to the radio as you make a meal together.

20. Take them to the Paddywax Candle Bar, or another local make-your-own candle place, and create a scent that's just for the two of you.

21. Print 25 photos of the two of you together and make them a big collage.

22. Plan 12 creative dates, like shopping for a recipe and cooking dinner, going to the beach, or touring a vineyard. Have a special monthly night for the next year.

23. Make 25 cupcakes and frost them like a big cake.

24. Give them $25 dollars all in quarters, and have a date night at a pinball bar or old school arcade/Dave & Buster's.

25. Hire a local artist to do a portrait or comic of you and your boo.