24 Tweets About Moving In Together That Show Domestic Bliss Can Take On Many Forms

If you've never had a roommate, let me tell you: Sharing space with another person is not always easy. From hearing each other's sounds to eating each other's food, living with someone you're dating can mean a lot of communication and compromise and, of course, a lot of gooey snuggling and being in love. When it comes to summing up the highs and lows of shacking up with your boo, these tweets about moving in together do a pretty stellar job. What you can't say, someone else probably can — in 280 characters or less, no less.

There is no one right way to navigate your romantic relationship, just as there's no timeline you're supposed to keep to. Still, no matter how long you've dating, moving in together can be a pretty big step in your relationship. But you know what? If you're committed to sharing a kitchen and picking out a bedspread you both like, you're probably pretty committed. Moving in together can be a big transition, and it's completely natural to have a couple of bumps along the road to finding harmony in your joint home.

Here are 24 tweets about moving in with your partner that truly show how domestic bliss can take on many forms.

1Groovy Baby

Honestly, the Fembots are style icons and I would literally wear their feathery pink things out.

2Singing In The Rain

This one was literally so cute, I sent it to lots of my friends that live with their cute girlfriends.

3Buzz Off

Masculinity is an incredibly, um, complex thing.


This literally sounds lit no matter who you live with or even live alone. If you didn't know, there's a brand of sparkling wine called Cosmopolitan Diva that's like $8 and literally amazing and sparkly. Just so you know.

5Rock On!

Your girlfriend deserves a big award and a gold trophy.


Call it even and just take all of your partner's clothes!

7Home Sweet Home

This is literally my best friend who habitually tweets literal gold about living with her boo. She has another tweet about ordering matching tongue scrapers to scrape each other's tongues that killed me.

8Believe it!

Your girlfriend, as all women and femmes, is a faultless angel and you are lucky to share space with them.

9Soup's On!

Something so soothing about liquid meals. A good smoothie gets me every time.

10Mario & Luigi

The last time a group of boys made me play video games I had to play with "Little Cousin Rules," which meant they got to take my controller when I was doing well. So.

11Hairy Situtation

I would empty your hairbrush on his side of the bed. Is that too mean? No, do it.

12No Sleep Till Brooklyn

The only thing I know about the Beastie Boys is that Kathleen Hanna married one.


My roommate Amy buys fancy hand soap for our downstairs bathroom we never use and whenever I do use it I send her this exact text.

14Sleep Talking

OK unpopular opinion: The low-budget 2002 slasher film, Ghost Ship may be a better boats-gone-awry movie than Titanic?

15Buckle Up!

Honestly, maybe it's March and you're driving to get a Shamrock Shake and that's #relatable.

16Movie Night

Honestly, Shark's Tale is an obscure choice for a late night movie after being out all night, even in terms of ironic kid's movies you watch as adults, and I'm kind of here for it?

17Netflix & Not Chill

Honestly, just watch whatever the hell you want whenever the hell you want and then bring up the gender wage-gap if he says anything,


I would love to see "Our dog pooped outside in a thunderstorm quickly!" on a cake or a Hallmark card about improving your credit score.

19Blanket Statement

Get a sleeping bag and wear it in the bed.

20Sex Positive!

This one is... well, what was it I said? Masculinity is a complex thing.

21Aye-Aye Captain

Get your own stash and hide it.

22The Little Things

I once had an ex text me complaining about their new partner being "too domestic" in the apartment they shared, and I was like, is she really super jazzed to cook and clean all the time or do you just never contribute to the domestic labor needed to make a house run and leave her with all the chores?


The type in "TTHAT" really seals the deal for me here.

24Ice, Ice, Baby

This one literally made scream aloud because I swear people who don't fill the ice trays back up are so incredibly selfish and shortsighted and I can't.

If you live with your boo, you probably have an arsenal of your own stories. From happy moments to the days you say "I cannot believe you just did that" more than once, sharing space with a partner can come with a range of emotions, sometimes all at once.