24 Texts To Send Your Sister When You Live Long Distance & Miss Your Main Squeeze

Let's be honest: You and your sister are a power duo. When you're together, you can guarantee there will be tons of laughter, lots of secrets being shared, and a few shenanigans here and there. As kids, you were absolutely inseparable. But as adults, you may live in different states because of school or your careers. Whenever you miss her, these are some of the best texts to send your sister when you live long distance.

It's as simple as letting her know you're thinking of her. You know that she'll respond to any text ASAP, and that's why even with the distance, she's your number one go-to. Whenever you see something that reminds you of her, it's a good time to pull out your phone and let her know just that.

Though, sometimes the go-to "I miss you" can seem redundant. If you want to switch things up, use any of these 24 texts that work perfectly to send to your main squeeze. Follow it up with a hilarious Gif you know will make her laugh, or a throwback pic of you two when you were little. Either way, it will make your sis feel all the love, even miles away.

To Thank Her For All She's Done:

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1. "Hey sis, thanks again for not telling anyone who I had a crush on in middle school. I would have been mortified if that got out."

2. "Thank you for being my sister, the PB to my J, and my partner in crime."

3. "Thanks for always picking up the phone when I call at random hours of the day."

4. "Thanks for letting me borrow your sweater. I swear I'll get it back to you... eventually."

5. "Thank you for sticking it through and watching my entire Insta story. You've always got my back."

6. "Thank you for being born. I know I should really thank Mom and Dad for that, but you also deserve it."

To Make Her Laugh Out Loud:


7. "I smile because you are my sister, I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it."

8. "Seriously, what was mom thinking when she made us wear those sweaters?"

9. "Guess what? Yoda the best sister."

10. "Never forget that being related to me is the greatest gift you'll ever receive. You're welcome."

11. "What's it like having such an awesome sister?"

12. "You're my butter half."

To Really Let Her Know How Much You Miss Her:

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13. "Just a reminder that I love you forever!"

14. "Sending you a virtual hug, because I miss you."

15. "Can we plan that sister vacay already? I need to see you soon."

16. "Just so you know, you're still my emergency contact."

17. "How have other people made it through life without a sister? I miss you so much."

18. "I have so much I need to tell you that I can't type. FaceTime soon?"

To Go Along With Your Adorable Throwback Pics:

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19. "Remember when we were kids and couldn't wait to grow up? What were we thinking?"

20. "We need to find these outfits and recreate this pic ASAP."

21. "I'm going to find a time machine to take us back to the '90s, OK?"

22. "How are we still so cute?"

23. "Can we please watch 'Beauty and the Beast' next time we're together? I'll build the blanket fort, and you bring the snacks."

24. "Thank you for being my best friend for all of these years."