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24 Captions For Throwback St. Patrick's Day Pics That Are Pure Gold

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While scrolling through your Instagram archives or camera roll, you may find a photo or two that you took a few years back on St. Patrick's Day with your friends. Seeing all the green will instantly take you back to some of the greatest times you had with your besties. You want to share that joy with your crew, so post it right away on your feed with some Instagram captions for throwback St. Patrick's Day pictures. Now's the perfect time to take a little stroll down Memory Lane and revisit some of your favorite St. Patrick's Days of the past that are pure gold.

Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends not celebrating holidays with people outside of your immediate household, your plans this year are looking different. Instead of going to a bar for sips of green beer (if you're 21 or up), you have plans to whip up festive green cocktails or mocktails at home with your roomies. You might have a tradition of posting a group pic of all your friends wearing green. Consider sharing a photo-dump of all your group pics over the years along with the caption, "Irish we could go back." Or, post a funny throwback selfie on your feed paired with, "This throwback has me Dublin over in laughter."

Any of these 24 throwback St. Patrick's Day captions will show your followers and your besties all of the holiday spirit on St. Patrick's Day.


1. "I really am lucky to have memories like this."

2. "This was the best St. Patrick's Day ever. Don't you a-green?"

3. "Look how ready I was to shamrock and roll."

4. "Irish we could go back."

5. "We were really shamrockin' these outfits, right?"

6. "This just proves that you are the she to my nanigans."

7. "There's no denying that we like to paddy."

8. "I leprechaun't wait to do this again soon."

9. "I'm lucky to have friends like you."

10. "Let's cheers to this memory."

11. "I want to relive this St Patrick's Day all over again."

12. "Raise your hand if you wish Shamrock Shakes were available all year long."


13. "Let's March on back to this day."

14. "I'm telling you the leprechaun made me do it."

15. "What a brew-tiful memory this is."

16. "This throwback just screams Paddy vibes."

17. "This pic right here is the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow."

18. "My lucky charms."

19. "I wish I knew where this green outfit was so I could wear it again."

20. "This throwback has me Dublin over in laughter."

21. "Pinch me, because I can't believe how long it's been since this picture was taken."

22. "Oh blarney, I miss you all so much."

23. "Let's do this clover again."

24. "These memories are pure gold."

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