Rachel and Ross do laundry in an episode of 'Friends.'

24 Captions For Hair Claw Pics That Rachel Green From 'Friends' Would Approve Of

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Some fashion trends on Instagram might remind you of your favorite Friends characters. Sweater vests, for example, remind you of the sarcastic and lovable Chandler Bing, while hair claws make you think of Rachel Green and her iconic outfits. Rachel's character is definitely #inspo for your closet and your latest #OOTDs on Instagram. Channel her when you're taking selfies in your bathroom mirror, and then post those selfies with one of these captions for hair claw pictures.

To channel the fashion queen, start by putting on an outfit that matches the vibe of your hair claw. This could be a pair of trendy patchwork jeans or a dress that reminds you of the one Rachel wore when she bailed on a date to hang out with newly divorced Ross. It can even be an apron that reminds you of the one Rachel sported to her gig at Central Perk before she started rocking the latest trends at Ralph Lauren. Whichever outfit you decide on, you'll certainly find a caption for hair claws to match it.

From there, you'll want to grab props such as a cup of coffee, and a pair of tap shoes — a sweet reference to the episode where Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe took a dance class and tried to find the woman pretending to be Monica. You don't need to paint your apartment walls purple, but you should hang a picture frame around your front door peephole.

Once the stage is set, snap selfies that make you feel cute and like one of the characters from Friends. Post a few of your favorite on IG with these captions for hair claws that Rachel Green would totally approve of.

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1. "Does this hair claw make me look like Rachel Green?"

2. "Clawing my way through the latest trends."

3. "Giving my hair a little makeover. What do you think?"

4. "Officially a fan of hair claws."

5. "It took forever to get my hair in this claw."

6. "I'd like you to meet my new hair claw."

7. "A hair claw a day keeps the bad outfits away."

8. "This hair claw took my personal style from a one to a 10."

9. "Not your average hairstyle."

10. "Feeling cute with my hair claw."

11. "Rachel Green made me do it."

12. "Kisses and hair claws."

13. "I don't always go for the trends, but hair claws were calling my name."

14. "Adding to my hair claw collection every day."

15. "New hair accessory, who dis?"

16. "Twinning with Rachel Green."

17. "Makeup? Check. Hair claw? Check."

18. "This is my audition tape for 'Friends.'"

19. "I've never met a hair accessory I didn't like."

20. "So happy the hair claw is back in style."

21. "Comment if you want me to post a hair claw tutorial."

22. "Never taking out this hair claw."

23. "Hair claws, Rachel, and 'Friends.'"

24. "The cutest hair claw in all the land."

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