21 London Puns For Instagram & Exploring Your New Home With Your Besties

If you're studying abroad this upcoming semester, you're probably rushing around doing last-minute errands and attempting to pack your suitcase as we speak. You're making piles on your bed of T-shirts, jackets, and stylish boots you want to bring across the pond. The last thing that's likely on your mind is coming up with London puns for Instagram.

You're packing a digital camera, Polaroid frames, and making extra space in your camera roll. But on multiple occasions, you've asked your besties to pinch you to see if you're simply dreaming about living in another country for the first time. Spoiler alert: This is real life and the next few months will exceed your expectations.

When you're riding around the city on the scooter, you'll feel like you're living in Taylor Swift's song, "London Boy," and when you go shopping or hang in a pub in Soho, you'll think to yourself, "Am I local now?" Let me answer that question before you even catch your long flight and see Big Ben: Yes you are, and that's the beauty of going abroad. It makes cities in other time zones feel like home, and the whole world feel a little smaller.

So, take a deep breath and embrace the adventure that's to come. Start dreaming about the kinds of pictures you want to take with red phone booths, plates filled with fish and chips, and neon signs in trendy bars. Imagine what your Instagram profile is going to look like when it's covered in selfies from the greatest sights and #views around the globe, like the ones you'll experience from the top of the London Eye or on the colorful streets of Notting Hill.

Then, take a look at these 21 London puns and maybe jot down a few in your phone. They'll guarantee that you're prepared for your semester abroad and all the exploring you're going to do with your BFFs.

Cameron Whitman/Stocksy

1. "London made me do it."

2. "Bad to the scone."

3. "Call me on my scone."

4. "Let's cross that London Bridge when we come to it."

5. "Here's the hot tea from London."

6. "This city is stealing a pizza my heart."

7. "Not worried about where I'm going, just enjoying where I've Big Ben."

8. "Fish and chip, chip, hooray!"

9. "Let's namastay in London forever."

10. "You're the apple of my London Eye."

11. "Do more things across the pond."

12. "I'm very pond you, London."

13. "This semester is going to be totally tube-ular."

14. "London Eye can see clearly now."

Mauro Grigollo/Stocksy

15. "I've never met a palace I didn't like."

16. "The world looks brew-tiful on you."

17. "Are you clocking kidding me?"

18. "On cloud wine in London."

19. "Queen girls."

20. "It was all a meme."

21. "Soho in love with this city and my semester abroad."

Did you find a London-inspired caption or two you like? If so, I think it's about time to catch your flight and fall in love with the world. I should warn you: Once you see the beautiful parks, cozy, and quaint villages and otherworldly cliffside of England, you might not want to come home. You're going to want to keep posting pictures from London and exploring the city that you now call "home."