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21 Insta Captions For Your Maid Of Honor Pics, Because You Put In Work

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If planning a wedding feels like getting a second job, being a maid of honor is like taking on an unpaid internship. From arranging the shower to being the bride's right-hand person, leading a bridal party is no small feat. If you took amazing pictures during the wedding or you can never pass on an opportunity to post a cute snap, having some Instagram captions for maid of honor pictures can really come in handy.

When you've seen a bride through all their relationship ups and downs (cue: Crying in the college dining hall about Trey from the JV soccer team. Yikes.), getting to help them tie the knot with the love of their life is totally special. And if you were there for every second of dress shopping and cake tasting, cute captions can really capture your memories correctly. It may be all hugs and smiles when the wedding photographer gets there (the one you picked out, BTW), but a lot of sweat and tears went into all that planning, so it's OK to show it.

Here are 21 Instagram photo captions for maids of honor that really put in the work.

Can't wait to shower you in love (and showers!)

A "shower" is literally a darty for grownups that you wear more pastel-colored clothes to.

...Do I get a ring for this?

I'm not really a diamond girl, but I'd be very into a turquoise moment for myself.

3. I vow to help you find the cutest dress, for you and all of us.

Voting (for less ugly bridesmaid dresses): It's your civic duty.

This means I get to go with you on your honeymoon right?

Shout out to Queen Stassi from Vanderpump Rules who literally went to Bora Bora with Tom and Katie. Now that's friendship.

There's no one else I would have taken on an unpaid event planning internship for.

You can't buy new shoes with "friendship" (but you can potentially borrow your friends shoes and never give them back).

Note: I'm still single.

If you helped your bestie walk down the aisle, the least they can do is help you find a date of your own.

After this, we're getting Shake Shack.

With extra fries. Thank you.

You can thank me later.

Hopefully the bride has continually thanked you for all the work you've done, but in the event they haven't, maybe they need a little push.

You may have changed your last name, but I'll always call you my bestie.

Note: If they didn't change or they hyphenated, try: Your marital status on your taxes may have changed, but I'll always be your bestie!

She just needed someone to hold her dress while she peed.

Don't let the sparkles and flowers fool you! Maid of honor isn't always a glamorous job.

Remember me next week when you're lounging on the beach.

Or seeing the cites of Paraguay. Or Paris? Where do people go on honeymoons?

I did it all for the free champagne.

(I 100% mean the free cake.)

Smiling because the wedding planning is over and I don't have to help with the 'thank you' notes.

I don't have to help with the "thank you" notes right? Right?

White's not really my color.

But love this moment for you. You've never looked better.

I helped you save your date, please help me find mine.

No, really. I need a date to your wedding. Like now.

Turns out I'm better at writing toasts than Instagram captions.

There wasn't a dry eye in the house!

If you only knew how many Pinterest boards were behind this.

If I never look at that little red and white "P" again. It will be too soon.

Were my impeccable wedding plans on your registry?

Frankly, I'm the only gift you need.

Smiling because we both get to take a well-deserved nap after this.

Will anyone notice if I sneak away from the reception and take a nap in the bridal suite?

I know you'll be an amazing partner because you really were the best bride.

This was a team effort.

I promise I won't tell everyone that I picked out all the flowers and food.


Being a maid of honor is no small feat. Whether you planned the best shower of all time or your toast at the reception made everyone ugly cry, running the bride squad is kind of a big deal. After doing the hard work, you deserve to flex on the 'gram.

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