Here Are 2018's Easiest Halloween Costumes That You Can Throw Together Like Magic

Not to make you freak out or anything, ghoulfriend, but Halloween is right around the corner. I love Halloween and always want to have an epic costume, but coming up with the best one can be such a struggle. I keep going back and forth between different ideas all month long, and the day creeps up closer and closer. Sometimes, you just have to throw together a last-minute outfit. It happens to the best of us. Whenever you're in a pinch, you can still look fab with 2018's easiest Halloween costumes.

Sure, these costume are super easy to put together, but the best part is you won't look like you procrastinated at all. And if you're the queen of Halloween who has been invited to multiple parties, you can throw together different looks with any of these five costume ideas. That way, you don't have to spoil the big outfit you have planned for All Hallows' Eve.

In a matter of seconds, you will look fab enough to post a costume selfie to the 'Gram. (Shoutout to all my lazy girls out there!) You won't need to break a sweat putting any of these outfits together, either. Instead, go back to eating your favorite Halloween candy, prepping the cauldron punch, and watching Hocus Pocus for the millionth time.

Channel Your Spooky Soul Sister, Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams is such an easy costume to throw together that I'm pretty sure I dress like Wednesday on the reg without even noticing. All you need is a long-sleeve black dress and white collared shirt. Put your hair in two braids, and you can top off the look with some moody black lipstick. (Your spooky selfie game will be so on point.)

This Facebook Costume Is A Clear Winner

An incredibly easy, last-minute costume is going as Facebook. (But you can put a little more effort into your costume than Jim Halpert from The Office who just wrote "Book" on his face.)

Sure, you can write "Book" with black eyeliner, but also wear the iconic Facebook blue color, like in this dress from Target. You could even cut out the different Facebook reactions like "Wow," "Love," and "Haha," and pin them to your outfit.

This Lara Jean Costume Deserves A Love Letter

OK, I'll admit it: I still put on Netflix's To All The Boys I've Loved Before, because I'm seriously obsessed. It's the Netflix hit that made us hardcore crush on Peter Kavinsky (and Noah Centineo). If you're a major fan like me, throwing together a Lara Jean costume is super simple. All you need is a red coat and her favorite scrunchie. If you're looking for a matching costume for bae, get Peter K's lacrosse hoodie from Etsy for a cute AF couple look.

Celebrate The Witching Season As Sabrina

Witches are making a comeback this year. With the new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix, now's the time to get witchy for Halloween.

You can easily put together a magical look with a dark velvet dress, iconic witch hat, and black glittery eye makeup. You can also throw together a more specific witch look with a green dress for Winifred Sanderson, along with her signature red lipstick. Or, opt for a Sabrina costume with a red coat (similar to Lara Jean's), black headband, and red messenger bag.

Be Karen From 'Mean Girls'... Duh!

Karen from Mean Girls is such an easy (and classic) costume. She knew exactly what it took to slay the Halloween costume game, and that's just a pair of ears, duh!

Get a simple black dress (if you don't already have one in your closet), and put on a pair of mouse ears. Just like that, you're done! Now, that's what I call fetch.