7 Spring Break Ideas For College Freshmen If You're Too Broke For The Beach

Joselito Briones/Stocksy

Spring break is so soon, and if it's your first year in college, you're probably more than ready to jet set somewhere tropical with your best friends. Unfortunately, the beach can quickly get expensive. Between booking flights, hotel rooms for the week, and splurging on some new bathing suits, your bank account will be struggling a bit. Somewhere in your budget you had to make room for books and all those cups of coffee (There's truly no other way to survive the semester.). But, being broke doesn't mean you have to be bored. There are plenty of 2018 spring break ideas for college freshmen that are cheap and filled with fun — even if it's not totally in the sun.

You might need to trade the surf for some turf. Sure, you were hoping to get your tan on, but there will be plenty of time in the years to come to take off to an island or hit up a cruise with your crew. Surviving off ramen won't be reality forever, and maybe you'll even spend your spring break picking up some shifts at work to fund your future wanderlust.

When the travel bug hits, it's difficult to not immediately pack some bags and blow so much cash in the spirit of spring break. So, if you're trying to talk yourself out of a trip, consider one of these seven spring break ideas instead.

Get A Hotel Room

You don't have to roam far to get the space you so need this spring break. Those all-inclusive beach resorts have their perks: pool bars, ocean access, and unlimited amounts of food everyday. But, you spend so much time in the sun that you rarely really enjoy what the hotel has to offer.

Have yourself a little staycation and book a suite for yourself and some friends for a few nights during the week. Hit up the rooftop pool and raid the mini fridge that's always filled with overpriced, but oh-so-yummy snacks. Spend the mornings having a movie marathon in those comfy hotel robes and getting some much-needed extra sleep. You don't need the resort life to leave spring break feeling totally refreshed.

Spend A Day In The City

Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw this break and spend a day in the city. The concrete jungle won't have many palm trees, but it'll still be the perfect getaway for you and your girls. Hop on a train to Grand Central and walk along Fifth Avenue for some shopping right into the Flatiron District.

Maybe see a show or sports game at Madison Square Garden, and stop at every coffee shop and sushi place along the way. (OK, maybe not all. There's a lot of them.) Whatever food you're craving you can find in the city, and it'll be a bustling day that'll totally make your break.

Take A Road Trip

If you're balling on a budget but also really just need a change in scenery, then hop in the car with your besties. Some of the best road trips won't leave you broke and will still be incredibly worth your time. From natural wonders like Acadia National Park in Maine or Joshua Tree National Park in California, to the highways we should all hit at least once in our lifetimes like Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway — there are endless opportunities for an unforgettable spring break experience.

We don't all have a wealthy wallet, but we do have a lot of wanderlust. Make a playlist and pack a lot of snacks. Who knew staying on the ground could be so good?

Go To The Spa

Breaks are all about rest and relaxation. It's a week to ditch the planner and the life problems that can come with college, and give away your stress to the sea — or in this case, the spa. Some of your friends might be soaking up the sun, but you're going to be soaking away the semester with the healing powers of a hot tub.

Your skin will be so soft after you sit in the steam room for a bit, and exfoliating is always an experience. Don't forget that facial you arranged for this afternoon — or maybe you'll get a deep tissue massage. After all those hours in the library, your muscles are totally in knots. Your mind and body will be ready to hit the books again if you spend your break doing some self-care at the spa.

Check Out A Waterfall

The sea has its perks for shore, but wanderlust can also totally be cured with a waterfall. Spring break means summer is just around the corner, and that sweater weather is finally on its way out. It might not be warm enough to take a dip, but you won't have to bundle up much to see some natural sights.

Find a local state park, grab a camera, and buckle up your hiking boots. There's a waterfall worth seeing in almost every state, and you'll be surprised at how wonderful this different kind of surf can be. If the sun is shining bright enough, you might want to pack your bathing suit for a slightly chilly swim. Getting outside is so important, and you'll love having fun in the fresh air before finals come around.

Go On A Yoga Retreat

You might be in need of some soul-searching this spring break. If you and your friends feel like doing a little bit of fitness, then a yoga retreat will be the perfect way to get rejuvenated and refreshed.

When you're seeing everyone else sitting by the sea on social media, it can be hard not to namast'ay in bed and sulk your way through spring break. But, after a couple sun salutations you'll realize that spending your week working on your wellness is a totally inspired idea. Maybe you'll even have some vino with your vinyasa, and pair your practice with some Pinot Noir (For all you wine lovers out there, wine and yoga retreats do exist.). It'll be the healthiest trip you'll ever take.

Volunteer In Another Country

Your school, maybe to your suprise, does have your best spring break interests in mind. They don't want you to be bored, and also know that this week will be the perfect time for you to give back.

At my university, there were several programs that would send students to other countries during spring break to volunteer. Some were sponsored directly by certain majors, and others were more vague and would have students help build homes or work in schools.

Spending spring break abroad has probably already crossed your mind, but you may not have thought to take the time to do something good for the world. Find some friends and look into the options and opportunities you might have to make a difference. It'll absolutely be a week well spent.