These Spring Break Yoga Retreats Are Exactly What You Need To Clear Your Head & Relax

by Georgina Berbari

Spring break is right around the corner, so it's time to start planning your warm, relaxing, and rejuvenating getaway so you can finally escape reality for a little while. Even though your friends might be planning these elaborate, boozy, aggressively wild vacations, you may be thinking an opportunity to chill and find your zen sounds way, way more appealing. If that sounds like you, then looking into spring break yoga retreats might be the way to go so you can make the most of your mini vacay and give your body and mind some major TLC.

Let's be real: In the past, getting lit AF with your friends every single night of spring break and returning home with the permanent smell of tequila seeping out of your pores was great for a little while, but that got old really fast. Personally, my body will no longer stand for such springtime shenanigans, and I need a getaway focused solely on rest and relaxation this time around.

If you feel me on a spiritual level, it's about time you trade in the tequila and late nights out for some tree pose and lengthy meditation sessions. Oh, and in case you're wondering, these retreats aren't just about rolling out your mat and finding your zen. Your spring break days will be filled with sight-seeing, surfing, and breathtaking sunsets as well, so get ready, girl.

If you're on the fence about what to do this spring break, but you know you need some major self-care, these five yoga retreats are exactly what you need to clear your head, reset, and relax.

Revive Your Spirit Through Yoga And Adventure In The Maldives
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Whether you've only recently embarked on a yoga practice and want to experience more of the magic that your time on the mat brings you, or you're a more advanced yoga who wants to deepen your practice and explore your limits, this relaxing retreat in the Maldives is sure to fulfill all of your desires.

The five-day retreat will include yoga practices twice a day, along with lessons on Ayurveda, meditation, and mindfulness. Plus, if you're itching for more, there will be opportunities to surf, ski, and dive within the tropical paradise. It sounds like namastay here, like, forever.

Escape For A Whole Week In The Himalayas

This weeklong retreat in the Himalayas is filled with nature, adventure, and tranquility. I mean, just being in Rishikesh, India, is incredible in and of itself, but the fact that this vacation includes meditation, mantras, art therapy, and daily yoga just takes the entire experience to the next level.

Along with all the yoga, there will be opportunities to go whitewater rafting, embark on a jungle safari in Rajaji National Park, explore the Himalayan treks, test out your strength through rock climbing, and gawk at some seriously gorgeous waterfalls. So, um... can spring break come faster please?

Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Side In Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Another way to spend a week of a lifetime come March is by venturing out to Cambodia for a blissful seven-day yoga retreat.

Balanced meals will be served each day (fresh from the garden located within the retreat center), and you'll have so many opportunities to deepen your yoga and meditation practice with your fellow yogis.

When you're all yoga-d out, you can embark on breathtaking temple tours with Cambodian guides, witness blessing ceremonies by monks on the steps of the Pagoda, visit the Kbal Spean waterfall, or even enjoy a series of relaxing reflexology and acupuncture sessions. One-way ticket anyone?

Learn To Surf Between Yoga Flows In Tamraght, Morocco
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On each day that you wake up in your zen Moroccan retreat center, you'll start your morning with a meditation session, followed by an energizing yoga flow. After that, you'll be provided with a nourishing, delicious breakfast, and when you're done digesting, you'll head to the beach to start your surfing lessons for the day. I mean, surfing and yoga? I'm sold.

When you return to the retreat center for the evening, there will be a sunset yoga practice and dinner to follow all of your invigorating activities. Sounds like six days of complete joy to me.

Enjoy A Short, But Oh-So-Sweet Retreat In Maui, Hawaii

This three-day yoga retreat in Maui might be a bit shorter than the rest, but that doesn't mean it's any less amazing.

Each morning, you'll have the option to pick between a yoga practice on your mat, or aerial yoga in suspended silks. After you've completed your flow, you'll get to experience a blissful sound-healing ceremony, which basically means you'll be serenaded by sweet, therapeutic sounds that calm your mind and balance out your whole being. The Mystical Alchemy ceremonies on this retreat use crystal singing bowls, delicate chimes, and guided imagery to help you de-stress and restore your body from head to toe.

So, what are you waiting for? Go book your retreat, girl!