6 Halloween Costume Ideas For Best Friends Who Are Always Creepin' It Real

Let's be honest: Picking out just the right Halloween costume can be such a struggle. You want a costume that'll be the hit of whatever party you're going to, and look totally fab-boo-lous on the 'Gram. That's when you and your bestie put your brains together to come up with some creative ideas for 2018 Halloween costumes for best friends.

You thought ghosts and goblins were scary, but trying to organize a costume for your big friend group to do together can be a total nightmare. Everyone has different ideas, and you can never truly settle on one that your entire squad agrees on. Luckily, you and your bestie are on the same page about pretty much everything. In just one girls' night in, you can have a Halloween costume nailed down in no time. Though, this isn't just a cat and mouse situation. Oh no — you and your bestie have agreed to have a best friend costume that'll have everyone's heads turning all Hallows' Eve long.

Before shopping together to find your essentials, plan out a girls' night, pour the witches' brew, and come up with your costume idea. If you're in need of a little spooky inspiration, I've got you covered with these six Halloween costumes that are fangtastic for you and your favorite witch.

Your Favorite TV BFF Duo From 'Riverdale'

Your best friend is the Betty to your Veronica. She's also the first person you text after watching a new episode of Riverdale. Needless to say, it makes perfect sense that you two would dress up as River Vixens for Halloween.

Hot Topic actually has Riverdale costumes for you to choose from this year, including Riverdale High cheer uniforms. You can also keep it simple (and on budget) by going through your closets together and finding the most Betty and Veronica clothes you already have.

Eleven And An Eggo From 'Stranger Things' (Because You Love Your Bestie A Waffle Lot)

Sure any combo of characters from Stranger Things would make great BFF costumes, but you love your bestie just as much as Eleven loves waffles. So, it makes sense that one of you would go as Eleven, and the other would go as a waffle. Get thrifty and DIY your own Eleven costume with a pink dress and blue jacket. You can also DIY your own waffle costume or find one on Amazon. Caption your bestie pic with, "I love my BFF a waffle lot, and I'll never leggo my Eggo."

Edna Mode And Elastigirl From 'The Incredibles'
Nazuren Mior/YouTube

Even though they're animated Pixar characters, both Edna Mode and Elastigirl are style icons. Be as super as them for Halloween by dressing up as them. For Edna, you'll need big round black glasses and a black dress, and for Elastigirl, you can find an Incredibles supersuit on Amazon (and can follow this cute makeup tutorial on YouTube).

The Sanderson Sisters From 'Hocus Pocus'
Florin Ciurte/YouTube

If your best friendship is a trio, you know you have to go as the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus. Use what you already have in your closets by sifting through and finding your witch's color. Mary wears red, Sarah wears purple, and of course, Winifred wears green. Then, find your particular sister's hair tutorial on YouTube to complete the look. Use a couple of brooms for props, and snap a bestie pic with the iconic line for your caption: "It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus."

Cher And Dionne From 'Clueless'

If you and your bestie want a '90s-inspired Halloween costume, you know you have to go as Cher and Dionne from Clueless. You'll be rolling with your homies when you stroll up to the Halloween party. Get this very Cher-inspired Mini Skort from Target, and this plaid mini skirt that's just screaming Dionne. Just don't forget to caption your pic with, "As if!"

Joy And Sadness From 'Inside Out'
Frozen Inside 6/YouTube

Channel your favorite Pixar characters like Joy and Sadness from Inside Out. Just like you could get thrifty with the Sanderson sisters costumes, all you need for Joy is a yellow dress, and for Sadness a blue sweater and some circular glasses. Of course, you can also opt to wear the blue wigs for the full effect! You and your bestie share clothes on the regular, so you're sure to find something when you combine your closets together.