Young smiling happy couple laying on the beach bed and kissing outdoors
The 20 Most Underrated Songs To Listen To While Having Sex


There’s something undeniably sexy about stimulating all five senses. Whether you light your favorite scented candle or put the softest sheets on your bed, incorporating sultry sights, smells, and sounds can really take your love life to the next level. And while you and your partner may love to whisper sweet nothings into each other's ears, knowing some titillating tunes to play in the background can add another auditory layer. In fact, these underrated songs to listen to while having sex will turn up the heat as you turn up the volume.

From doing a striptease to a slow R&B song to looking deep into each other's eye as a romantic tune softly plays, queueing up a sultry soundtrack can be a great way to connect with your boo. While you never need to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, getting it on to a sexy song may give you an extra bump of confidence between the sheets. And though you may already know the tracks that make you feel a little frisky, hearing some new music can feel like going on an exciting adventure.

Here are 20 surprisingly steamy songs you should add to your sexy playlist.

"Let Me Love You" By Mario

This is an oldie, but a truly timeless bop. Like, thank you for asking for my consent and being transparent about your desires, Mario.

"Liberated" By DeJ Loaf & Leon Bridges

Is there anything sexier than being empowered in your body and feeling free to express yourself?

"In The Backseat" By Arcade Fire

I'm pretty sure this song taught me about arousal.

"I'm On Fire" By The Staves

Bruce Springsteen would be proud.

"Make Out In My Car" By Moses Sumney & Sufjan Stevens

OK, this song is about making out, and yet, it makes you want to get sexy real quick.

"breakup with your girlfriend, i'm bored" By Ariana Grande

This is especially fun when you're having sex with your long-term monogamous partner because you can try a little sexy role-play situation.

"Partition" By Beyoncé

You can pretend you have your own limo driver, and ask them to roll up a partition.

"400 Lux" By Lorde

Honestly, most Lorde songs are pretty sexy — but this one has a really sweet chorus.

"Delicate" By Taylor Swift

You must like me for me? I'm swooning.

"Pink + White" By Frank Ocean

The only thing to be aware of when listening to Frank Ocean while having sex is that you might cry. But DW — your partner will probably be crying, too.

"Self Care" By Mac Miller

Self-care is hot. Talking about taking care of your individual needs in a relationship is hot. This song is hot. Hot all around.

"Hungry Hippo" By Tierra Whack

Thank you, I did design it.

"Sexy Dirty Love" By Demi Lovato

I mean, sexy love is in the title of the song.

"Bang Me Box" By Miley Cyrus

Frankly, this song has a really great beat with a lot of sexy visuals.

"All These Years" By Camila Cabello

This is the soundtrack to a long-term love affair with someone.


Gigi Hadid is in the video. Enough said.

"Toothbrush" By DNCE

Like, TBH? The idea of someone wanting to DTR and asking me to leave things at their place is arousing in and of itself.

"Only Want You" By Rita Ora

I only want to listen to this song for three hours straight.

"Watermelon Sugar" By Harry Styles

You wouldn't think talking about various fruits would be sexy... but Harry Styles found a way.

"Money Bag" By Cardi B

"He put Cardi on his grocery list" gets me every time.