Peter Weber has a finger tattoo on 'The Bachelor'

The Internet Is Spiraling Over Pilot Pete's Finger Tattoo


Fans of The Bachelor probably think they know everything about Peter Weber by now. They've seen him navigate almost an entire Bachelorette season pursuing to Hannah B.m which gave everyone, ahem, intimate details about his life. Now as the franchise lead, he's even more at the center of attention. But the Feb. 3 episode of The Bachelor proved this pilot still has a a few secrets, as fans saw a side of him (literally) many had never seen before. These tweets about Peter's finger tattoo on The Bachelor show how shook fans were to learn something new about the bachelor.

During a one-on-one date in Costa Rica, Peter and Sydney sat on a hill and had some deep conversations, followed by a whole lot of kissing. At some point when things were getting hot and heavy, Peter was pulling Syd's face closer to him, and fans caught a rare glimpse of the Bachelor's finger ink, which came as a surprise to many (and Peter said Sydney was the mysterious one).

The Twitter-verse immediately had something to say about this tattoo revelation, proving you really can't hide anything from the internet, especially not when it comes to Bachelor Nation. Here are some of the best reactions:

Some Twitter users even thought the tattoo might've been related to his past love interest, Hannah Brown, and his time on The Bachelorette. It was probably a memorable time in his life, so wouldn't be wild for him to commemorate it, but it would be an interesting twist, to say the least.

Theories aside, it seems like the real meaning of Peter's finger tattoo was actually revealed before the episode even aired. In a Jan. 10 interview with Us Weekly, Peter mentioned he has a tattoo that is sports-related. "My brother and I got matching tattoos of the number 12 for our favorite team, the Seattle Seahawks, after they won the Super Bowl [in 2014]," he explained. For those who are more into Monday night Bachelor than Monday night football, Seahawks fans are called "the 12s" because, as the team's website says, "they give the Seahawks a 12 on 11 advantage every play for every yard." (Whatever that means.)

Of course, there's always the possibility "12" is tatted elsewhere on his body, and the finger splotch ink is of something different. One Twitter user pointed out his career might actually mean the mark is more likely a bruise, but it seems like fans will have to keep a close eye out for more peeks of his hand to know for sure.

To see if Peter has any more hidden facts up his sleeve — or, who knows, an actual hidden sleeve of tattoos — fans can watch The Bachelor on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.