20 Tweets About Joe & Sophie's Las Vegas Wedding Show That Everyone's Shook

by Candice Jalili
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The only things better than their actual Elvis-themed Las Vegas ceremony are these 20 tweets about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Las Vegas wedding. For those of you who might have missed the wonderful news, Turner and Jonas got married in Las Vegas on May 1. People reports that they applied for a marriage license earlier in the day in Clark County, Nevada. The two were in Las Vegas for the 2019 Billboard Awards, where Jonas was performing alongside his brothers.

After the awards, the two hit the Chapel L'Amour inside the famous A Little White Wedding Chapel where their wedding ceremony was officiated by none other than an Elvis impersonator (it's Vegas, baby!). DJ Diplo also served as their wedding cinematographer, live-streaming the entire ceremony on Instagram.

The whole thing came as a huge shock to fans who thought that they weren't going to be tying the knot until this summer... because that's literally what they told everyone. Just a couple of months ago, during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden with his brothers on the March 4, Jonas shared that he would be tying the knot with Turner, who he proposed to in October 2017, in the summer 2019. But plot twist! They're married now. And fans have taken to Twitter to share exactly how shocked to their core they really are.

Obviously, we have to give credit to Diplo as the real MVP here.
It was a tear-jerker, for sure.
He took a very different path from his brother.
It's definitely "interesting."
They definitely managed to keep things budget-friendly.
If you didn't love them before, you've got to love them after this stunt.
It's got a "cute sh*t" certificate and everything.
No, seriously. Their wedding was the BEST.
Obvi someone had to make a 'Game of Thrones' reference.
It hit some single Jonas lovers hard.
Just take their ceremony as a green light for doing whatever you want.
You KNOW their wedding was the hot Billboards after-party.
Diplo's livestream of the ceremony was definitely one of those things you never knew you needed in your life.
The whole thing was just so... them.
This was absolutely Sansa's best wedding yet.
Some fans think they even somehow managed to outdo Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra's multiple weddings.
I mean, this is all the proof we needed that they're really soulmates.
Some fans are really genuinely happy for them.
They're officially the best celeb couple of all time.
Just a little recap of what went down at the best wedding ever:

Congrats to the happy couple!