Felix on 'Love, Victor' inspired a devoted fanbase on Twitter.

Twitter Has Fully Fallen In Love With Felix From 'Love, Victor'

by Dylan Kickham

Hulu's new teen series Love, Victor may be about its title character's complicated love life, but it was Victor's best friend who had a lot of viewers seeing hearts. Right when Victor first got out of his family's car in front of their new home in Atlanta, he ran into his overly enthusiastic neighbor Felix Westen. Their friendship may have taken a bit of time to develop, but these tweets about Felix in Love, Victor prove fans fell in love with the sweet oddball right away.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from throughout Season 1 of Love, Victor. Although Felix definitely came on a bit strong (OK, more than a bit), it's easy to see why viewers found him so instantly charming. He was just so eager to become friends with Victor and Victor's family, since it was clear he did not have the best home life and was bullied at school. One of the most fulfilling parts of the first season was watching Felix and Victor develop their bond as best friends.

From Felix's struggle to get his crush Lake to go out with him, to the emotional revelation that his mom lives with depression, viewers got to see so many sides to Felix, all leading up to his loving acceptance of Victor, as the first person his best friend came out as gay to. Felix inspired so many appreciation posts and fancams on Twitter, and one of the most resounding reactions was that he proved to be a much more accepting friend to Victor than Simon's friends were to him in Love, Simon.

Felix was not just supporting Victor through his complicated journey; he also got a love story of his own. Felix was able to get closer with his crush Lake after Victor started dating her best friend Mia, and although Lake frequently rebuffed him due to his unpopularity, she eventually decided to him in secret for a while. That's when Felix learned to stand up for himself and broke up with Lake since she refused to be publicly connected to him.

In the end, Felix got his own happy ending when Lake declared her love for him in front of the whole school. Actually, he and Lake were the only characters to really get happy endings at all, since things are pretty up in the air with Victor, Benji, Mia, Andrew, and Pilar in the Season 1 finale.

It's not a sure thing that fans will get to see more of Felix in a potential second season, since Hulu has yet to renew Love, Victor. However, Deadline reported a writers' room for Season 2 has already assembled, so there is a strong chance of more heartwarming episodes to come. Until then, fans can rewatch their favorite Felix scenes from Season 1 of Love, Victor, streaming on Hulu now.