ARMYs Have Goosebumps Over BTS' 'The Journey' Intro & Outro Songs

THE FACT/ImaZinS/Getty Images

Five months after dropping their Billboard No. 1 record Map of the Soul: 7 in February, BTS is back with a new album called Map Of The Soul: 7 - The Journey. It's filled with fan-favorite songs BTS has released the past couple of years, as well as brand new ones ARMYs have never heard before, like "INTRO: Calling" and "Outro: The Journey." As their titles imply, they're the first and last songs on the album. These 20 tweets about BTS' "INTRO: Calling" and "Outro: The Journey" show the tracks leave a lasting impression on ARMYs because they sound so heavenly.

Journey is the group's first full-length Japanese project in two years, so you can imagine how much fans have been anticipating it. As if they weren't excited enough already, BTS teased fans with "Stay Gold" and "Your Eyes Tell" ahead of the album's release on July 14.

In Journey's lead single, "Stay Gold," BTS tells fans to find the light in their lives because for BTS, that's ARMY. Meanwhile, in "Your Eyes Tell," BTS tells a heartbreaking love story of a couple wishing to reunite one day. Both songs will serve as OST for upcoming Japanese projects, so fans will be looking forward to that in the future.

Fans couldn't wait to read the lyrics for album's intro and outro songs in order to further understand the album's overall message, but they were surprised to hear they were both instrumental tracks instead. While they feature background vocals from BTS' other songs like "Stay Gold" scattered throughout, much of the songs focus on their beautiful instrumental sounds, making them that much more powerful.

They both run under a minute and a half, and while they're short but sweet, fans wish they could get longer versions because they sound absolutely heavenly, giving off a similar feeling of comfort.

Some fans theorize they'll hear longer versions of "INTRO: Calling" and "Outro: The Journey" in BTS' concert VCRs or in their next comeback.

It's a good theory, especially because BTS has a history of reinventing their older tracks every once in a while.