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20 Punny Jokes To Text Your Partner When You Love Them A Latte


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a pun is, well, priceless. Whether you'd never think of ghosting your boo or you love your lactose-intolerant lover soy very much, these punny jokes to text your partner aren't just corny, they’re literally a-maze-ing. No matter how long you’ve been dating your darling, sending them a sweet message during the day can be a cute way to let them know that they’re on your mind. Maybe you see them every night or your love is long-distance. Whatever the case, texting when you’re not together IRL can be the next best thing to literally hanging out. From sending sweet selfies to swapping pictures of your lunch, messaging your boo during the day can make them feel totally loved.

Of course, every relationship is different. If you and your boo don’t like to text that much during the day, you know what’s best for you. While some couples like to gab all day long, others may prefer to keep their convos IRL. And if you want to make a toast to your butter half or wouldn’t be caught bread without the loaf of your life, these 21 punny jokes are sure to make your partner’s day.


1. Are you a pair of Tabi boots? Because I want you between my toes.

2. If you were a drink at Starbucks, you'd be a total hot-tea.

3. Are you Chrissy Teigen cooking Mediterranean food? Because olive me olive you.

4. I'll have a mojito — because you were mint to be mine.

5. Are you a root veggie? Because my heart beets for you.

6. I love you from my heat to-ma-toes. *Tomato emoji.*

7. My deer, I'm so fawn-d of you.

8. I donut want to glaze over how much I love you.

9. Are you a honeydew? Because you're one in a melon

10. If we were Gucci boots, we'd make quite a pair — because you're my sole-mate.

11 . Are you fungi? Because there is so mushroom in my heart for you. *Mushroom emoji*

12. You must be an entryway because I a-door you.

13. I lava you more than you volca-know.

14. Are you a stuffed Italian dessert? Because I cannoli love you.

15. I'd love to spend some koala-ty time down under.

16. I'm not just noodling around! My feelings are pho real.

17. Are you one of Charlie's angels? Because I'd like to go under covers with you.

18. I hope you're not salty — because you're my butter half.

19. I've never seen 'Star Wars,' but Yoda only one for me.

20. Are you a cactus? Because you look succulent tonight.