"Two truths and a lie" is a classic Bumble opener for a reason.

20 Punny "Good Night" Texts To Send Your SO That Are Totes A-Snore-Able

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Is there anything better than crawling into bed and seeing a text from your SO right before you drift off to sleep? It's honestly the most comforting way to end your day. With that in mind, there are some punny "good night" texts to send your partner that'll not only give them the warm fuzzies but also hopefully make them LOL. Because it's never too late to make their day.

If you think about the typical goodnight texts you send your boo, you might notice that they've started to sound the same. Maybe you remind them that you love them, or wish them sweet dreams, or tell them how much you can't wait to see them the next day. There's nothing wrong with any of these messages, and in fact, anyone would be lucky to receive them. But infusing a little humor and wordplay into your texts can definitely liven them up, catching your partner off guard in the best way. Who knows? Maybe they needed a laugh more than anything after a stressful day.

So, when you're looking for a playful little message to fire off right before your head hits the pillow, try one of these just for sheets and giggles (pun very much intended).


1. Boo, you're cooler than the other side of the pillow.

2. Damn, are you a down pillow? Cause I got a soft spot for you.

3. Hey, what do cats wear to bed? Paw-jamas.

4. Namaste in bed with me all day tomorrow?

5. I must be your blanket, 'cause I've got you covered.

6. You must be a sleeping pill, 'case you knock me out.

7. Maybe if I sprinkle sugar under my pillow, I'll have sweet dreams about you.

8. You might say I'm good in bed... 'cause I could stay here all night long.

9. Have I told you lately that you're a-snore-able?

10. When you're in my arms, nothing else really mattress.

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11. Can't think of any word that will truly capture how I feel about ya... so I'm gonna sleep on it.

12. There's nothing I love more than closing my eyes and picturing your face... you might say it's my dream job.

13. I like big *beds* and I cannot lie.

14. Yo, what does a gingerbread man use to make his bed? Cookie sheets.

15. Dang, this bread [bed emoji] feels cozy — but you're even butter.

16. You must be my snooze button because I need to tap that at least three times every morning.

17. You must be my snooze button because you help me keep my dreams alive.

18. All I need in life is you, and good koality-sleep.

19. I was going to come up with a clever sleep pun for you, but then I decided to give it a rest.

20. I know I should be counting sheep, but I'm missing you pig time.

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