Klair from Schitt's Creek

These Klair Quotes From 'Schitt's Creek' Are Filled With So Much Attitude


Klair from Schitt's Creek certainly knows how to make a dramatic entrance. When she walks into Café Tropical with her three friends in tow, both she and Alexis Rose are surprised to see each other. The overly confident, trendy friend from Alexis' past only visits Schitt's Creek for one episode, but she has a lot to say. If you want your next Insta post to be as bold as Klair's personality, you'll need these Klair Schitt's Creek quotes for Instagram that are sassy AF.

Your post is sure to get lots of attention when your followers see how you paired just the right snap with one of Klair's blunt quotes. Luckily, there are many Klair comments to choose from. For example, when she runs into Alexis at the cafe, she says with absolutely no filter, "It's like I completely forgot about you." Or, when Klair spots Twyla behind the counter, she immediately comments on her outfit and blurts out, "You look just like a small town waitress."

You can count on Klair to say exactly what's on her mind, even if it makes you roll your eyes. You can also look to Klair for a bit of fashion inspo for some of your Insta pics. Consider rocking denim shorts, a cropped tee, and a vintage-style oversized shirt to channel Klair's vibe. Don't forget to complete your look with a black floppy hat, boots, sunnies, and much attitude.

Whether you're taking vacation time to check out "the most random cities in North America" like Klair and her friends, or simply want fresh content for your Instagram, pair your snaps with these Klair Schitt's Creek quotes. As Klair says, "You do you, babe."


1. "I would love like a hot water, but if you could just let it sit so it cools."

2. "Sorry, I'm the worst."

3. "Like, what have you even been doing?"

4. "I can't wait to fire her."

5. "Love that, girl."

6. "I'm sorry, reset, what are we talking about?"

7. "Babe, hi!"

8. "It's like I completely forgot about you."

9. "You do you, babe."

10. "Oh my god, I'm obsessed with your look."


11. "We really have to get you out of here."

12. "Sweetie, no, I didn't order that."

13. "See you tonight, babe."

14. "Guys, I know this girl!"

15. "I'm gonna call it on this Insta sesh."

16. "We have airstreams up the road."

17. "We can totally ditch this thing."

18. "Pack your bags, b*tch."

19. "Tell me everything."

20. "We're gonna go to some random bar for some random drinks."