These flirty texts to send your crush on Thanksgiving will definitely win them over.

20 Flirty Texts To Send Your Crush On Thanksgiving That Are Plucking Amazing

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Ah, Thanksgiving — a time for stuffing your face, taking stock of all you have to be grateful for, and fending off cringey questions from family. It's also a phenomenal time to strike up a spark with that person you've had your eye on for a while. Not only will they likely be in a positive mindset thanks to the spirit of the holiday, but they'll also be free of many distractions, like work. All you need are the right flirty texts to send your crush on Thanksgiving that will get their attention.

One reason why it's such a perfect time to reach out to the object of your affection is that you have endless options when it comes to conversation starters. Between the feast, the football game, the parade, and your family members' shenanigans, you definitely won't be at a loss for things to talk about. And there are lots of different ways to approach this interaction, too, depending on where you're at with your crush. If, for example, you're still getting to know them, you might use this opportunity to ask them a few questions about their traditions. Or, if you've already established a spark, you can use a racy Thanksgiving pun to let them know you're thinking about them.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to make a move. Here are some flirty texts that are bound to win your crush over faster than you can polish off those mashed potatoes.


1. Pecan, apple, or pumpkin? No pressure or anything, but this could be a dealbreaker.

2. I'll share my awk family dinner moments if you share yours.

3. Since I'm fully embracing the whole gratitude thing today, thought I'd say I'm so glad to know you.

4. Hey you — how's your Thanksgiving going? You stuffed yet?

5. I'm making one of the side dishes this year and I'm a little terrified TBH. Do you do any of the cooking on Thanksgiving?

6. Just FYI, I have 2% battery left and I'm using it to text you under the dinner table.

7. Looking for a new show to binge while I ride out my food coma, got any suggestions?

8. Does your fam ask probing questions about your love life, too, or is it just mine?

9. Totally hopping on the gratitude train today, so what are 3 things you're most thankful for RN? I'll tell you mine...

10. Non-controversial question: How do you feel about Thanksgiving leftovers?

11. Merry Black Friday Eve! You got any big shopping plans tomorrow?

12. What kind of music do pilgrims like? (Answer: Plymouth Rock.)

13. Have you ever done a Friendsiving? Thinking about planning one next year (you're totes invited).

14. This isn't just the red wine talking, promise: I'm pretty grateful I met you.

15. I think I ate too much (again)... help distract me?

16. Hit me with your best Thanksgiving pun. Promise I'll return the favor.

17. So, what are you buying for me on Black Friday tomorrow?

18. Talk turkey to me.

19. What's your favorite Thanksgiving-themed episode of any show ever?

20. OK, I'm having an argument with my fam and I need you to settle it. Marshmallows in sweet potatoes: delish or despicable?

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