20 Flirty Texts You Can Only Send on New Year’s Day, So Start Jotting Them Down

The holidays are here, folks! Temperatures have dropped, Christmas lights are up, there's eggnog in the fridge — it's the most wonderful time of year! And to top it all off, a new beginning is right around the corner. The New Year is coming fast, and if you're trying to start fresh, it might be time to start thinking about who you want to keep in your life in 2019. If there's someone special on your mind who you'd like to fall into that category, these flirty texts to send on New Year's Day might be just what you need to make sure your crush, friend with benefits, situationship, or SO remains a part of your 2019.

Even though most of the hype around New Year's usually surrounds New Year's Eve, New Year's Day is the day you start all your resolutions — aka, it's the official start of whatever new life you want to create for yourself. If you're making it a purpose to cut all the BS out of your life, do it! Use the start of 2019 as an opportunity to recommit to the 2018 resolutions you didn't get to, because you were too busy living your best life. And as for that person you can't stop thinking about? Make the move! Send them one of these flirty texts. Who knows? They may have been eyeing you just the same.

1. Wish I could've kissed you at midnight last night.

2. New year, new us?

3. Seeing more of you is part of my New Year's resolution.

4. I don't think we spent enough time together in 2018. Let's change that, starting now.

5. Wouldn't have wanted my midnight kiss to be with anyone else.

6. I didn't get to spend midnight with you, so how about we spend the rest of 2019 together to make up for it?

7. Such a shame I didn't find you in my bed this morning.

8. You're the only thing getting me through the fact that school starts again on [Insert Day Here].

9. How about we welcome our own new year, tonight? I'll bring the champagne.

10. You look like a snack in your New Year's Eve picture. Can I get a taste?

11. Hey stranger. Stop being a stranger. I haven't seen you since last year.

12. I was at a party with over 100 people last night, and I couldn't stop thinking about you.

13. I know we said we'd make better decisions this year, but making wrong decisions with you feels right. So, let's keep doing it.

14. If I said, "Come over right now. Let's celebrate our own New Year's." What would you say?

15. I'm not even with you right now, but I keep thinking about how perfect our first New Year's was, and I can't stop smiling.

16. I could use another New Year's kiss from you right now.

17. Meeting you made my 2018. How about you make my 2019, too?

18. You looked so incredible last night.

19. I hope last night really was the start of something new.

20. It's cold out there. How many layers are you wearing RN? And do you need help taking them off?

Whether you're sticking to the more PG texts, or going all-in with some of the naughtier ones, sending your crush or bae one of these texts can be a cheerful way to start the new year. Even if it doesn't end up having the effect you were hoping for on the person on the receiving end, pat yourself on the back for even putting yourself out there in the first place. Who knows? You may even find yourself a new bae to enjoy whatever 2019 may bring.