4 Flirty Texts To Send On NYE To Let Someone Know You're Hoping For A Kiss

With just a few more days left in 2017, if you haven't already, it's definitely time to start piecing together your plans for New Year's Eve. If you're single and hoping to nail down someone to smooch at or around midnight, to ensure success, you're going to need to get creative. This may mean drafting some flirty texts for New Year's Eve to send to anyone whose lips you wouldn't mind kissing.

Now, we all know the best-case scenario would be to meet an incredibly hot, single stranger and start off 2018 with a new romantic chapter... but of course, we can't always get exactly what we want. If securing a New Year's Eve kiss is pretty high on your priority list for the evening, then you may want to reach out to someone you already know who you've had your eye on (and maybe even a past flame so you don't put all your eggs in one basket).

In preparing for the New Year, it's important to start it off by going after what you want confidently. So if you're feeling brave and want to ring in the New Year with a bang, then here are some flirty texts that just might land you a kiss or two.

1. "Hey stranger, just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! Let me know if you're looking for some lips come midnight."

It goes without saying that this is a pretty bold text that bypasses the unnecessary chit-chat and makes your intentions known straight away. This would be a great text to send to a casual hookup buddy that you have either seen or spoken to in the last month. If you've got your hopes set on someone in particular, but it's been a while since you've been in contact, then it may be a good idea to hit them up with a general "happy holidays" message around Christmas, and try to get a convo going to gauge their plans for NYE. This way, you can send something like this come NYE without it seemingly coming out of left field.

2. "Hi there, Happy New Year! Hope our paths will cross again soon… maybe even sometime around midnight?"

This is the prefect text to send to someone whom you may have only gone on a date or two with in the past couple of weeks, and things are still a bit open-ended. It basically translates to "I know we might not be each other's first choice, but if you don't have a date for tonight lined up, that's perfect because neither do I." Who knows? It could be just the thing you both need to realize that there could be something there worth pursuing in 2018.

3. "My New Year's resolutions? To kiss more [insert emoji] and to eat more vegetables, of course."

If you've got a sometimes-bae that you are casually dating and/or seeing semi-regularly, then there's no need to overthink things. Just shoot them a message early on in the day in reference to New Year's. If they don't already have plans — and if they're into you — then chances are, they will take the bait pretty quickly.

4."I bet you're looking pretty hot tonight — maybe we can start off the New Year with a drink?"

This message should be reserved for that flame that never stopped burning. Maybe they're an ex who was secretly the best you've ever had or a hookup buddy you've always had crazy chemistry with. If midnight is approaching and you've got some liquid courage in you, then this is a bold, last-minute way to reach out. But again, before texting anyone you aren't currently dating, it's important to be prepared for them to either not respond or have made other plans — and to be OK with that.

The truth is, while everyone hopes for the steamiest New Year's kiss ever, sometimes, despite our best efforts, a kiss just isn't in the cards. Don't let a few lonely moments at midnight ruin what was otherwise a pretty fun night. If these texts don't land you some lip-locking, find your friends instead, and ring in the new year with the people you love.

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