10 Valid Reasons New Year's Eve Is Really Not An Excuse To Text Your Ex

This is a public service announcement: Do not text your ex on New Year's Eve. No matter what an absolutely, unassailably genius idea it will inevitably feel like when you see that ball dropping at midnight, just don’t do it. Don't fall prey to the New Year’s Eve trap of rationalizing a quick text to your former bae just because it’s a holiday. Just put your phone down. Grab the cutie next to you and start making all new mistakes to ring in the new year.

Right now, you're probably thinking, “Well, duh, of course reaching out to my ex is a terrible idea,” but that's because the midnight madness hasn't set in yet. What I’m talking about is that phenomenon where you're in celebration mode, you’re a little tipsy, and then, you start getting a little melancholy. You start thinking about the year that's gone by and remembering the good times you had with your ex. You start missing them, and you think, "Hey, maybe it’s not the worst idea on the planet to reach out." Before you realize it, your fingers are composing something ill advised, along the lines of "heyy, u up?" Face palm. Been there, done that.

So, what do you say we just go ahead and avoid all the "morning of Jan. 1" embarrassment now by running through all the reasons you should just say hell-to-the-no about texting your ex on New Year’s Eve.

1. You'll Blow Your Clean Slate For 2018 Before It's Even Begun

One of the best things about New Year’s is that it’s an opportunity for a clean slate. Do you really want to repeat past mistakes before you’ve even had a chance to start over fresh? No? Then, girl, put that phone down.

2. Drunk Dialing Is For Amateurs

We've all been there. One-too-many drinks and you're getting your drunk dial on. But let’s be real, has it ever ended well? If it had, then you wouldn't be here now, would you? If you're feeling tempted, hand off your phone to someone you trust. Friends don’t let friends drunk dial.

3. Chasing Closure Will Only Make You Miserable

Closure is overrated. Honestly, I'm not even convinced it’s a real thing. What I do know is that chasing it relentlessly is a great recipe for making you unhappy. Sometimes, it's just not possible. Start your year off right by giving yourself closure on... well, closure.

4. You'll Just Feed Their Ego

Can't you just see their smug face right now when they see your text? Don’t give them the satisfaction of thinking (or knowing) you still have all the feels for them. It gives them all the power. And what if they don't text you back? Nope, no way. Not going there.

5. They Are Your Ex For A Reason

There’s a reason you aren't together anymore. Either you don’t want to be with them, or they don’t want to be with you. Either way, picking up the phone and putting yourself out there likely won't make you feel better.

6. You'll Undo All The Healing You've Done

Even if you broke up yesterday and it feels like you haven't healed a bit, you have. Don’t waste the little or lot of healing you've done by texting them and reopening your emotional wounds.

7. You're Blocking The Potential For Someone New

By staying hung up on an ex (not to mention, wasting a prime make-out holiday) by texting them, you're blocking your potential for moving on and finding someone better suited for you.

8. You're Pretty Much Guaranteed To Say Something You Regret

On New Year's Eve, you're likely drunk and emotional. This is not a great combo for writing something as high-stakes as a text to an ex. Plus, there’s a written record! Avoid saying something you'll regret by saying nothing at all.

9. It May End Up In Ex-Sex... And No, That's Not A Good Thing

No, ex-sex is not a good idea. Unless, of course, you want to catch feelings all over again and make things super complicated and messy. No? OK, then lock your phone and hide it from yourself.

10. Your First New Year's Resolution Should Be To Stop Relentlessly Chasing Love

It’s New Year’s Eve — the day where we all try and reinvent ourselves by making promises to make changes and better ourselves and our lives. Make your first resolution to stop chasing love, and let the people who truly appreciate you chase you. And the first step in this resolution is to resist the urge to dial up your former love.

NYE is a time to get excited about the future. Step into it without all that ex baggage that you'd just drag in with you if you reopened contact.

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