Hannah B. and Luke's feud was a big one in Bachelor Nation
20 Bachelor Nation Feuds That Are "The Most Dramatic Ever"


Most Bachelor Nationites may claim to go on the shows "for the right reasons," but the truth is, many of them are more likely to get caught up in a whole lot of drama than they are to find lasting love. There's a reason host Chris Harrison is always saying each season is "the most dramatic ever," and that's because the franchise's producers always seem to pick contestants who have a tendency to stir up some pretty dramatic Bachelor Nation feuds. Don't get me wrong, these fights make for great entertainment, but it does seem kind of odd that so many fans seem to be more interested in the enemies, rather than the couples, who are a result of the franchise.

As Harrison told GQ Magazine, "Love is as much of a competition as anything. If you don’t think so, you’re either losing the game or you’re not playing." And it's clear the Bachelor Nation alums on this list played the game pretty hard. In fact, some of them have gotten so into their beef, they've even feuded not just on the show, but also IRL. From the very first Bachelor villains to the 2019 Instagram battle between Colton Underwood and Rachel Lindsay, here are some of the most intense spats in the franchise's history.

1. Michelle Money Vs. Everyone

Michelle made a whole lot of enemies during her time as a contestant in Brad Womack's season. In fact, another contestant, Jacki Gordon, said to Michelle, "I'm equating you to a spider. You're like creepy and everybody's afraid of you."

Andi Dorfman Vs. Juan Pablo Galavais

It's never a good sign when the lead of a season is also one of that show's biggest villains. At the end of Juan Pablo's season, he had a blowout fight with Andi, who'd had enough of his churlish behavior all season long.

Ashley Iaconetti Vs. Kelsey Poe

A Bachelor two-on-one date is often rife with awkward moments, and Ashley I. and Kelsey made theirs especially weird when they gave Bachelor Nation what just may be the longest silence ever recorded on the franchise.

Nick Viall Vs. Shawn Booth

Nick and Shawn butted heads for all of Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette, but at least these two managed make up after the cameras stopped rolling.

Chad Johnson Vs. Alex Woytkiw

Chad Johnson will go down in history as one of Bachelor Nation's biggest villains, and his two-on-one date with Alex during JoJo Fletcher's season was viciously uncomfortable.

Chad Johnson Vs. Evan Bass

Chad continued to make enemies when he later appeared on Bachelor in Paradise. He even went so far as to tell Evan that he wanted to cut his head off. Yikes.

Corinne Olympios Vs. Taylor Nolan

Corinne and Taylor spent much of Nick Viall's Bachelor season fighting, with Taylor telling Corinne she lacked "emotional intelligence" and Corinne telling Taylor she was a bully.

Blake Elarbee Vs. Lucas Yancey

Blake and "Whaboom" fought during Rachel Lindsay's season, even after they were both cut. but their feud went way back to their time as co-stars on the show Ex Isle.

Lee Garrett Vs. Kenny King

Rachel's season also included the epic feud between Lee and Kenny. Rachel ended up eliminating Lee first, but not before Lee and Kenny got in a big screaming match during their two-on-one date.

Krystal Nielson Vs. Bekah Martinez

Krystal didn't make many friends during Arie Luyendyk's season, but she really made an enemy out of Bekah. Bekah told Vulture, "The thing was that she went around appearing good when she wasn’t. Which is a little wacky. Combined with a bunch of stress, it’s not good."

Tia Booth Vs. Bekah Martinez

Bekah criticized Tia's relationship with Colton Underwood over Twitter, and Tia's bestie Raven Gates even got involved in the drama.

Jordan Kimball Vs. David Ravitz

Jordan and David fought during Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette, but their feud continued all the way into Bachelor in Paradise. That's when Jordan made Bachelor Nation history as he infamously threw David's giant stuffed animal into the ocean.

Demi Burnett Vs. Tracy Shapoff

Right from the start of Colton's season, Demi and Tracy fought over every aspect of the show, from Demi touching a rose to her comments about Tracy's age.

Hannah Brown Vs. Caelynn Miller-Keyes

Fans still don't know all the specifics of the fight between Hannah and Caelynn, since their relationship goes all the way back to when they were roommates during the 2018 Miss USA competition. What viewers do know is that once they both showed up for Colton's season, they were clearly not on each other's sides, though they did hug it out and seem to have made amends.

Luke Parker Vs. Luke Stone

Pretty much every contestant had an issue with Luke P. during Hannah's season of The Bachelorette. Luke S. was especially peeved at Luke P. after the latter body-slammed the former during what was supposed to be a friendly game of rugby.

Luke Parker Vs. Hannah Brown

Though most of the guys had beed with Luke P., it was Hannah who ended up fighting with him more than anyone else during her season. The worst of it came when he showed up at one of her rose ceremonies after she had already sent him home... and then he wouldn't leave.

Jordan Kimball Vs. Christian Estrada

Jordan had his second Bachelor in Paradise fight in Season 6, when he interrupted Christian's date with Nicole Lopez-Alvar. Instead of a stuffed animal, he attempted to throw a piñata into the ocean — only this time, Christian fought back and both dudes were sent home.

John Paul Jones Vs. Derek Peth

JPJ and Derek found themselves both fighting for Tayshia Adams' heart in the latest season of Bachelor in Paradise. But it wasn't Tayshia they ended up fighting about; instead, they got into multiple yelling matches over... Derek's invitation to JPJ to be on his podcast?

Clay Harbor Vs. Nicole Lopez-Alvar

It looked like this Bachelor in Paradise couple were maybe headed down the aisle during most of Season 6. But instead, they had a nasty breakup on the last day on the beach, and it ended up with Nicole dragging Clay about his career on Instagram.

Rachel Lindsay Vs. Colton Underwood

Bachelor Nation was shook when Rachel revealed she and her former bestie Raven Gates were apparently no longer friends, but the real tension started once Colton jumped into the fray. Colton alluded to the fact that Rachel has also caused problems with him. This is one of the first times Bachelor Nation has seen two leads duke it out, and it is not pretty.