19 Memes About Spring Break That Capture Every High & Low Of Your Trip

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Everyone has a different definition of Spring Break, which is sometimes referred to as "Sprang Breaaaak." While college-me defined spring break as a fun frisbee team road trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, post-grad-me thinks of Spring Break as something I don't do anymore because I don't have the time or money (boooo). Post grad life is... cool. But whether your ideal spring vacation consists of ultimate relaxation, or if it's just party, after party, after after party, these memes about Spring Break are hilariously accurate, and TBH, I'm crying with jealousy RN.

If I were going on Spring Break, (which, I'm not... and if you can't tell, I'm real salty about it), I would bring eight pairs of sunglasses, a lot of aloe, (holla at all my pale friends out there), and obviously, a decent amount of rosé. Because without the beach, a really painful sunburn, and also a decent amount of alcohol, there basically is no Spring Break... amirite? As each of these factors are extremely common among Spring Breaks nationwide, there are too many memes that could accurately describe the legendary holiday. And, since each of them are hella relatable in one way or another, they're definitely worth checking out before you all embark on your extraordinary trips.

Waiting for Spring Break is literally torture.

The anticipation while waiting for Spring Break to start is probably the most exciting — and also the most tedious — part of it all. You're sitting at your desk, in school, or at work, and you're literally watching the clock ticking. Once Spring Break starts, you'll have a plethora of flip cup games and beach hangouts waiting for you. The long, tedious wait for the getaway is too freaking real, and the anticipation can be deadly.

When it finally rolls around, Spring Break is a wild time on so many levels.

Whether your Spring Break consists of endless parties, several Britney Spears jam sessions, throwing house parties, or sitting at home pouting, each of these feel so right to describe this weird and wild holiday.

And then we all come back to reality. And it's heartbreaking.

I'll never forget that feeling when it's all over, and your body feels kind of broken, in some way or another. Spring Break vacationers are all that what at this point point, when they're back from some quality time away and the sadness slowly, but surely, starts to sink in. Hey, on the bright side of me not going anywhere, I won't have to experience the utter disappointment of coming home... since I'm already here, right? Le sigh.

Even though money is, in fact, a real reason why you might not be exploring the world this spring, there are a ton of really awesome cheap Spring Break options, which are definitely worth looking into. Whether you're in the mood to lounge on the beach and party like it's 1979, or to hike through a vast range of mountains, there are several inexpensive-yet-super-fun options so you won't have to miss out on the fun... like I, unfortunately, will be.

If you end up deciding to embark on a magical journey to somewhere far, far away, taking copious amounts of pictures is vital. And, posting all of them on Instagram is most important, so I can vicariously live through all of your amazing experiences. But if you're at a loss for words for the perfect post captions for your Spring Break trip, there are so many hilarious and #onpoint song lyrics and sayings you can use. Regardless of whether or not your spring break photos capture some wild parties, or zen moments, posting them on the 'gram is a post-Spring Break highlight.