18 Hot Pictures To Send Your Partner That'll Inspire Some Summer Fun

by Christy Piña

With summer just around the corner, you're probably putting the finishing touches on your plans for the next three months of fun in the sun. Whether you're a student who's home for the summer, or you have a full-time job that no longer sets you free from June to August (TBT), there's no denying summer is one hot season. As the weather gets warm, you and bae may be ready to heat things up too. One of the best ways to do that? Coming up with hot pictures to send your partner this summer 2019, to really get things going both in and out of the bedroom.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be in a long-distance relationship to send your SO sexy pictures. It can be just as fun to do when you live down the street from each other, and sending them can show your partner that they were on your mind in a hot way. So, whether you and bae see each other every other day, or you're spending the summer apart, if you're looking for a sexy, low-key scandalous way to show them how you feel about them, consider sending them one of these 18 pictures. (And remember the golden rule of naked pics: No faces!)

1. A full-body mirror selfie of you in a bathing suit.

2. Your legs looking tan AF by the pool or the beach.

3. A subtle but totally obvious beach (bonus points for sandy cheeks) or pool (in the shallow area, leaning on the steps) booty pic.

4. On a boat...

5. ...or a jetski.

6. You wrapped in nothing but a beach towel.

7. A shot of a very public place you want to have sex in now that the weather is nice.

8. A "candid" picture of you, looking nonchalant and super casual, shining bright with tanning oil.

9. A selfie with your sexy beach goddess hair flying everywhere. (Bite your lip for extra hotness.)

10. You dressed to the nines in your nicest lingerie... outside.

11. A video of you licking an ice cream cone or a popsicle.

12. A boomerang (or picture) of you showing off your tan lines, either upper body or lower.

13. You going full-blown beach model and sending a video shaking your hair in the wind. (Extra points for slow motion.)

14. You grilling up a storm in nothing but an apron.

15. A teaser picture from your skinny dipping sesh.

16. A naked picture with nothing but a beach ball covering your chest...

17. ...or if you want to be silly and sexy, a video of you opening and closing a beach umbrella in front of your naked body.

18. Laying on the rocks or a surfboard at the beach, smizing at the camera.

It's almost summer, so grab your boo thing, your sunscreen, your favorite beach towel, and your cutest bathing suit, and hit the beach (or pool, whatever floats your boat). If your partner couldn't join you for the day, take some killer photos, and send them over. Show them exactly what they missed out on, and what they can expect later.