19 Super Hot Sexts To Send When You're Away From Your Partner Over Summer Break

As someone who did it for about a year and a half, I can attest to how difficult long-distance relationships can be. They're especially trying when it comes to the physical aspect of romantic relationships, namely S-E-X. You might be in a temporary LDR situation — maybe you and bae went home for the summer, or maybe you've relocated for an internship. Good news! Your sex life doesn't have to suffer, not even for the three months of summer break. The main way to keep the flame going is by coming up with some spicy sexts to send over summer break.

You can always engage in the age-old, tried and true nude. But apart from sending nudes, you can slide your partner some tantalizing text messages to keep you on their mind (and elsewhere). You might send a sext to get the ball rollin so that, yes, you can get off with your boo later via Snapchat or FaceTime later. You also might just hit "send" on a sexts to tease your partner or up the ante for when you finally see each other again. Whatever the case, here are 19 sexts you can send your partner over spring break to get them extra hot for you.

"I really miss..." sexts
Guille Faingold / Stocksy

If you had some particularly hot times this past year or semester, you can always get your partner going by inviting them to reminisce. Some sexts include:

  • "Hi! Just thinking about how much I miss you going down on me."
  • "Remember when I made you come extra hard by _____?"
  • "I miss getting on my knees for you."
  • "What's the best sex we had last semester?"
  • "I really want to feel you inside me."
Seasonal sexiness
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Or, you could really lean into the season with super summery sexts:

  • "Wish you were here to drip ice cream all over me and lick it off. Slowly."
  • "NGL I look like a snack in this _____. Wanna see?" This is a prime moment to show off your cute lingerie, summer 'fit, or bathing suit, and flex!
  • "Would it be too hot out for me to sit on your face if I were there? Just asking, for science."
  • "I’m sipping on some iced coffee, but it doesn’t taste as good as you."
  • "I’m out at a bar / the beach / the movies and I really wish you were here to f*ck me right now." Because public sex really does it for some folks!
  • "It’s too hot today. Kind of want to strip and never put on clothes again. Thoughts?"
Saving this for later
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You can also sext your beloved to get it poppin' over the phone later:

  • "When are you done for the day? I’m horny and I want to get off over the phone together."
  • "What did you think about the last time you touched yourself?"
  • Alternatively, "What was the last thing that made you wet / hard?"
  • "Let’s FaceTime so you can watch me touch myself." Because FaceTime sex is under-rated.
  • "I’m thinking about how good your _____ always feels in my mouth. Wanna send a pic?"
When we finally meet up...
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And last but not least, there are the promises of what's in store once school is back on, your internship ends, or you have your mid-summer rendez-vous. Sexts of this nature include:

  • "If you can guess what I'm thinking about that's got me so wet, I'll do it to you next time I see you."
  • "The first I want to do when we meet up is _____."
  • "Can’t wait to make you beg for it when I see you."

Safe to say, your partner will be feeling the heat this summer — and it'll have nothing to do with the weather. Keep a couple of these bad boys on hand to give your summer (and your relationship) an extra sizzle.