Fans Can't Stop Swooning Over Sophie Turner's Wedding Dress

by Jamie LeeLo
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Well, it's here, world. Photos of Sophie Turner's wedding dress have finally arrived and Jonas Brothers/Game Of Thrones fans are losing their sh*t. Whatever fans seemed to have in their minds when picturing Turner's wedding dress, she appears to have delivered tenfold. The tweets about Sophie Turner's wedding dress show she made a crowd-pleasing choice, though, really, was there ever any doubt? Sophie — you look amazing.

Here's the key detail anyone who has spent any amount of time Pinteresting wedding dresses will care about: It had sleeves, people. But not just any sleeves, lace sleeves with an opaque cap sleeve detail built in over top.

*Pause for gasps*

I know. It also had a cutout in the back, and sparkle details dazzled along a full-skirt bottom. The look was designed by Louis Vuitton's creative director Nicolas Ghesquière who was actually the one to post a behind-the-scenes image of the dress on his own Instagram account. He captioned the picture, "Absolut beauty," and while my preference is that he didn't spell absolute like the vodka, I fully agree with him.

Fans do, too.

Along with Ghesquière's intimate dressing room photo, Turner posted a formal black and white photo of herself and her new hubby walking down the aisle after saying "I Do." She captioned her picture, "Mr. and Mrs. Jonas."

Ugh, love.

In just 15 hours, Turner's post gained nearly 6 million likes. Meanwhile, Joe Jonas collected his own 3.5 million likes on the same picture.

In the meantime, Twitter is blowing up with wedding-dress feelings.

In retrospect, fans should have seen a Louis Vuitton gown coming. Turner previously spoke about her appreciation for the designer with Harper's Bazaar UK. "His clothes are like the characters I gravitate towards: warrior women. They are strong and empowering but also beautifully feminine," she said. (This might explain the cap-sleeve overlay, which kind of looks like a shield, now that I think about it.)

Of course, this is Turner's second official wedding look. The first was the flouncy white Bevza jumpsuit she wore to her and Jonas' surprise Vegas ceremony following the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. Fans were initially panicked to think they were in the dark about their favorite celebrity's nuptials, but Jonas and Turner were quick to assure the press another formal event was on the horizon. And formal it was.

Turner and Jonas eventually said "I Do" again, this time in front of family and friends in France. Turner previously told Net-A-Porter she and Jonas were still intending to keep this party "as low-key as possible," adding, "It’s not about the dress, it’s not about the food. It’s about being husband and wife, and being dedicated to each other forever."

I don't know, Sophie. From where I'm standing reading all of these tweets, it looks like the wedding was kind of about the dress.

Whatever. Congratulations! May your marriage bring you many more Vegas celebrations, tons of stunning gowns, and plenty of happiness.

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