'Kim's Convenience' fans are so excited for Simu Liu to become a Marvel hero in 'Shang-Chi.'

'Kim's Convenience' Fans Are Absolutely LIVING For Simu Liu Becoming A Marvel Hero


The Marvel Cinematic Universe finally has its newest hero, and he's a very familiar face for fans of a certain beloved sitcom. Simu Liu was officially cast to play martial arts master Shang-Chi back in the summer of 2019, but it wasn't until the movie's first trailer dropped on Monday, April 19, that fans first got to see him in action. The teaser showed a completely new side to the actor from his most famous role as the vain but caring older brother Jung on Kim's Convenience, and these tweets about Simu Liu in the Shang-Chi trailer celebrate his major mCU glow-up.

Thanks to his background in martial arts and gymnastics, Liu got his start in TV and movies as a stuntman before his big break came when he joined the main cast of the Canadian sitcom Kim's Convenience in 2016. The series about a Korean-Canadian family running a convenience store became a beloved hit thanks to its blend of humor and heart and its international distribution on Netflix, much like fellow CBC success story Schitt's Creek. The show ran for five seasons before being abruptly canceled earlier in 2021. Coincidentally enough, the series finale of Kim's Convenience aired less than a week before the Shang-Chi trailer dropped (on Liu's birthday, at that), making it a pretty major milestone for the actor.

The Shang-Chi trailer was obviously a huge deal for all Marvel fans, but it was extra special for all the Kim's Convenience stans still mourning the show's recent ending. Seeing Liu transform from the down-to-earth rental car employee Jung Kim into a badass martial arts master was a total 180. Not only did it excite Kim's Convenience fans for Liu's new movie, but it also promised to bring a lot more attention to the show... maybe even bolstering the efforts to revive it from cancellation.

You can catch Simu Liu's superhero debut when Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings flips into theaters on Sept. 3, 2021.