Simu Liu tweeted about his frustration with the sudden ending of 'Kim's Convenience' ahead of the se...

A 'Kim's Convenience' Star Promised "Tea & Receipts" About The Show's Cancellation

by Dylan Kickham

Kim's Convenience closed up shop for good on Tuesday, April 13, and the series finale stirred up some feelings of frustration for at least one of the show's stars. Ahead of the final episode, Simu Liu posted tweets about the Kim's Convenience finale, revealing he's still upset about how the series was coming to a close. Moreover, Liu's tweets promise "tea and receipts" about why the beloved sitcom was suddenly canceled are coming.

On March 8, after half of Kim's Convenience Season 5 had aired, the show's producers announced this season would be the last one. This came as a shock to fans, especially since CBC had previously renewed the series through Season 6. However, the producers chose to end the series after Season 5 when co-creators Ins Choi and Kevin White stepped away from Kim's Convenience to focus on other projects after wrapping production on that season. The specific reasons behind Choi and White's exits are unknown, and Liu's tweets reveal there's likely a lot more to the story than fans are aware of.

The evening before the series finale aired, Liu tweeted he was still mad about how the show was ending: "On the eve of what is now to be the series finale of Kim's Convenience, I hoped I'd be at a point where I could speak about it with a clear head. But the truth is I'm still pretty f**king angry. Hours of therapy are sure to follow. You all deserved a proper ending."

The actor, who stars as the Kim family black sheep Jung in the series, followed that up by hinting that he has more details to share about what happened, but he would not be sharing them just yet.

In response to a fan asking about what would have happened in Season 6, Liu wrote that the show's cast would have likely been given greater creative control in the now-canceled season.

Spoiler alert: Don't read on if you haven't seen the Kim's Convenience series finale. When the series finale aired, Liu shared his disappointment with where his character's story ended up. In one of the final moments, Jung's longtime girlfriend Shannon suddenly broke up with him. The breakup surprised many fans, and Liu himself admitted it "kinda sucked."

Judging from Liu's tweets, it seems clear that this Season 5 finale wasn't planned to be the "proper ending" for Kim's Convenience, and that the cast was probably just as surprised by the sudden cancelation as fans were. While the show didn't get the ending that fans and the cast seemed to be hoping for, at least it gave viewers five heartfelt, funny seasons before putting up the "Closed" sign.