17 Last-Minute Labor Day Weekend Plans For The Lazy Girl

For all of the lazy girls out there: The summer is when you thrive. They're not called the hazy, lazy days of summer for nothing. This time of year, you're meant to relax, sleep in, and go about your days living on salt time in the sand. You've gotten so used to this carefree attitude that you likely didn't notice that Labor Day weekend is creeping up so soon. At the start of summer, you talked a big game with your friends and planned to have an epic end-of-summer bash. Now you need some last-minute Labor Day weekend plans.

Don't fret, if you're worried about having an awesome three-day weekend with very little time to get it all together, it's still very much possible. I've got you covered with these 17 last-minute activities that take little to no planning at all. You've been relaxing all summer long. There's no need to change that now, especially when you want to seize every last relaxing summer minute that goes by. Now that you've decided on exactly what you want to do with your final summer weekend, it's time to get back to what you were doing earlier — aka, soaking up the sun and living your #bestsummerlife.

1. Grab Your Favorite Pool Floaty And Bestie For A Photo Shoot On The Sand

Victor Torres/Stocksy

Say goodbye to the sand one last time and grab your favorite pool float for a spontaneous photo shoot. This way, you'll have something special to remember the summer of pool floats, carefree beach days, and hanging with your best friends.

2. Grab Your Coziest Blankets For A Backyard Campout, Complete With S'mores


Let's face it: You're likely feeling too lazy to plan an actual camping trip in the mountains. Plus, you already have everything you need in your own backyard. Grab some blankets and build the comfiest sleeping spot, complete with fairy lights and cute throw pillows. After roasting s'mores — which is a must — you and your friends can sleep under the stars in the most relaxing way.

3. Make Reservations At A Fancy Rooftop Bar With Your Besties

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Get ready for a bougie night out on the town with your best girlfriends. Break out that fancy sequined dress you've been longing to wear, and get that bright pink lipstick ready to slay. Taking pics on the rooftop with your drinks is necessary.

4. Have A Field Day With Your Entire Squad In The Park


Who didn't love recess the most in school? That's why an epic field day is a must. Split up, dress up in your team's colors, and play a bunch of field games including kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, and freeze tag.

5. Throw A John Hughes-Inspired Rom-Com Party With Costumes And All


Movie nights are always fun, but since this is the last big hurrah of the summer, you want to make it special. Plan a John Hughes-inspired rom-com party. Dress up in your favorite '80s attire and watch Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink.

6. Organize All The Ingredients And Have Your Very Own "Nailed It" Baking Party


If you and your friends love to bake, take your baking parties up to the Nailed It level. Find some intricate desserts on Pinterest to recreate. Instagram the funny or impressive results for all to see, and have fun savoring your (hopefully) delicious masterpieces.

7. Come Up With Your Own Fruity Cocktail And Drink By The Pool


If you're 21 or older, get crafty with a blender and create your very own cocktail. Name it after yourself, or a punny name for the summer. Then, enjoy it while you lounge by the pool with your friends.

8. Pack Your Favorite Childhood Snacks And Hit The Road


A road trip is the easiest lazy girl's adventure. Find a last-minute bed and breakfast to stay at in a nearby town. Then, pack your car with your favorite childhood snacks, like Gushers or Fruit by the Foot, put on some hits from the '00s, and hit the road with your girls.

9. Disconnect In A Cabin Where The Wi-Fi Is Weak With Your Closest Friends


Heading to a cabin in the woods is a summertime staple adventure. You'll spend some quality time with your favorite people and some brews. When the Wi-Fi is weak, use this time without Facebook and Instagram to just have some good old-fashioned fun.

10. Learn How To Surf


If you are a total beach babe and don't know how to surf, now is your chance. Rent a house that is literally steps away from the sand. By day, you'll learn to surf the waves like a pro, and by night, you'll have bestie bonfires under the stars.

11. Take Your Wine Tasting To The High Seas On A Booze Cruise

Evil Pixels Photography/Stocksy

A wine tasting in Napa Valley is always such a fun idea, but you want to take it up a notch and seas what's left of the season. Go on a booze cruise with your besties. Just don't forget to snap a squad pic, and caption it, "Girls just wanna have sun."

12. Have A Magical Day At An Amusement Park


Whether it's Disneyland, Universal Studios, or Six Flags, you really can't go wrong with a day spent at your favorite amusement park. You'll get the cutest pictures, and will also snack on some of your favorite foods. Your only mission is to make the day as magical as possible.

13. Have A Real-Life Movie Makeover Montage With Manis And All


You've probably dreamed of having your very own movie makeover montage. Life doesn't happen in montages, but you can check off everything needed for a movie makeover. Get manicures and blowouts with your girls, and then head to the mall to try on different outfits.

14. Dress Up As Your Favorite Artist For A Karaoke Party


Even if you're not the best singer, there's no denying that karaoke is a fun plan. Make this karaoke night special by dressing up as one of your favorite artists, like Britney Spears. Take some pics and videos for the 'Gram of you singing your heart out into the microphone.

15. Find All The Yard Sales Near You And Redecorate For Fall


Drive around town and scope out all of the Labor Day weekend yard sales. Use this time to find some fun decor for a fall redecoration. Just like the seasonal transition, you're out with the old, and in with the new.

16. Compete In An Insta Scavenger Hunt


If you still have a ton of items left on your summer bucket list, now is the time to cross the rest of them off. It may be a lot to do by yourself, so make it a fun activity with all of your friends.

17. Explore The Undiscovered Food Treasures On A Staycation


Use an app like YumList — which involves swiping for food — to find new dishes to try. Have a foodie ball scrolling through Yelp as well. You never know what hidden gems you'll find close to your apartment.