17 Annoying Tinder Behaviors That Turn Women Off So Fast

It's time for me to be honest. Some people navigate Tinder like true champs, but not all of you are pulling your weight. You're giving dating apps a reputation as a playground for sleazeballs, flakes, and bores. And that's not fair, because I have faith in you — I know you're better than that! You might not realize that your go-to messaging strategy is doing you a disservice. So it's time to take a closer look at the most annoying Tinder behaviors that turn women off right away... and cut all that sh*t out right now.

Here's what a lot of people don't realize about dating apps: Women typically get way more matches (and conversations that lead to dates) than men do. As big as you might imagine the discrepancy to be, it's even bigger. Seriously. It might not be fair, but the dating game just isn't the same across the gender spectrum.

That means if you want to stand out from the crowd — in a good way — you need to up your game.

I asked 17 women about what bugs them most about messages on dating apps. These tactics make conversations sink faster than the Titanic. It's official, you've been warned.

Being boring.

— Lauren, 24

Not paying attention to her bio or asking to meet up without conversing first.

— Kendall, 20

Dick pics.

— Holly, 22

Unmatching right after the first message.

— Kaitlyn, 23

Only communicating in GIFs or one-word answers.

— Grace, 19

Putting in no effort... or conversations that go on forever without leading to a date.

— Rachel, 29

If you can't converse like a normal person, or the conversation stalls out, fix that ASAP.

— Paulina, 23

Boring opening lines.

— Lauren, 25

Asking to chat on Facebook.

— Mercedesz, 21

Asking her out right away or sending the same line to everyone.

— Stephanie, 28

Dick pics, requests for nudes, and unmatching right away.

— Katie, 22

Asking the same questions she's heard a thousand times before — or inviting her over right away.

— Jaclyn, 23

Letting your dick steer the conversation.

— Melanie, 20

Treating Tinder like a job interview.

— Linda, 21

Conversations that fizzle out fast.

— Allegra, 23

Never responding.

— Emily, 26

Using Tinder for validation (and nothing else).

— Katie, 25

So now that you're well aware of what not to do, check out this list of women's favorite opening lines ever. You got this — I promise.

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